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How To Find Good Forums In Your Niche

Forum Marketing

If you have been in the internet marketing niche for some sum of time you should already know that forums are a great source of traffic. What makes forums so awesome? Forums have a large amount of people, concentrated in one place, who all have the same common interests. What if you could funnel them onto your site?

Imagine the potential traffic you could be getting right now. Now you understand why forums are so great 🙂

Now first things first, how do you find forums related to your niche. It is exactly quite simple. I am going to discuss a few ways you can do so.

The Google Method

This method requires you going to Google.com . Once you are there type the following search term or code into it.


Lets break it down a bit. The first part of the code requires you to put in your niche or market. The next part just tells Google to put out sites which have the word forum in it.

Pretty simple, huh? Now lets delve into the next method.

The Website Method

There are sites on the Internet which were made to help people find forums. These sites have a ton of code built in which try to find all possible forums related to your niche as possible. They act as forum directories.

The sites are called Big-Boards, and BoardReader. When you visit them all you have to do is put in your niche, market, or even the keywords of forums you want it to pull up.

These sites are quite helpful and work a little better than the Google method.


Now that you know the importance of forums go out and join some today. Remember to never spam or overly promote yourself. Make sure the forums allow signatures so you can get some traffic pointing back to your site.

Always participate and be active and the traffic will come.

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