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Why Only Few Bloggers Will Make Money Online

Make Money Online

I have been running a blog for more than two years, and for the past two months, I have been trying to make some money with my blog. There are many of you who have failed to earn money online. I will suggest that you not give up hope. There are five main reasons why you seem to have failed in your endeavor, and I hope my post will help you avoid these mistakes in future and give you the enthusiasm to start afresh.

1. You want to make quick and easy money

Making money has never been easy and there is no such thing as quick money. Money has to be earned. It takes a lot of time and serious effort to earn money online. Most beginners become frustrated quickly because they are not able to earn as much money as they would have liked. Well, if you sell an ebook for twenty dollars and then expect to make a thousand dollars from it per month after a month, is that ever going to happen?

The answer is obviously NO. I have been working to earn money from my blog over a few months now, and I expect to earn a few dollars from it in two more months.

2. Too little activity on the blog

Knowledge is a virtue. Use it. If you have gained a lot of knowledge about blogging, it is wise to start using it at the outset. Many bloggers spend loads of time reading MMO and SEO blogs in a bid to increase their visibility, but you also have to consider the content. You have to write the articles, promote them, and advertise a few items on your blog to earn some money from it. Ideally, you should not be spending more than a day every week reading the MMO and SEO blogs. The rest of the week should be utilized doing the things that you should be doing instead of looking at the handiwork of others.

MMO bloggers are usually skilled marketing guys, and you might get addicted to their posts without even knowing it. Try to avoid them.

3. You have to do everything yourself

A good blog requires three things- quality content, effective marketing, and monetization. Most of us are inclined toward one of the three. In that case, you have to acquire the other skills if you are looking to be a successful blogger. You might not be good at something, but you have to work on these skills in order to be successful. People who concentrate on only one aspect perform well below their true potential.

4. Believe in the Idea

No business will be able to move exactly as it was planned. Unanticipated problems can keep on arising. For example, Google may not index your site till weeks after you launch, even after you have obtained some solid links. It is only a matter of time before your site is indexed and your blog starts ranking for the target keywords.

If you are trying to make money online, it is important to have faith in the idea of making money online or else everything will fall apart.

5. Be focused:

Although it is tempting to start working on a host of different projects simultaneously, it will lead to failure. You may feel that at least one of them will succeed, but it is a wise choice to invest your time on a single project at a time and get it to a stable point before you start working on another. project.

What else you can add to the list?

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