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The Joke of Making Money Online Systems Fast and Easy

Making Money Online Systems

If you came across this post one day, then probably you are seeking the truth! Yes, I was having concerns about fast money making systems exactly like you do, I didn’t believe the make money with a push of a button and a few clicks scams, and easy making money online products.

I don’t like to write about something that I don’t know, so I wanted to check by myself, I wanted to buy one of those products, courses or software that claims easy money making, I wanted to try it by myself, personally, I wanted to discover what’s all about the fast and easy making money products, and bring the truth to of making money online to you!

I bought it, so you don’t have to!

So YES I bought it, I paid my money to get one of these products, I took a deep breath, then I took a deep look into the it, I watched all the videos and instructions, I wrote my notes, and I am sharing my thoughts and concerns with you!

I hope everyone read this post before clicking the check out button of any easy making money online products!

What kind of products I have tried?

Alright, I won’t mention the product, software, or course’s name as I believe it won’t make any different as all these kind of fake promises products are the name and following the same concept which I call it sucking your money system! So, there is really no need to mention names in my opinion.

It was a course product plus a software with a nice long sales page that has a few videos recommending the product (I just can not believe why and how come those people are recommending it!) I’ve seen a few of them some where on the internet, I thought they were nice guys, I thought they know what they are talking about, but after buying and checking out that making money system crap they were recommending like hell, I’ve lost my confident!

The most interesting thing to me was the way I’ve knew about it, it was recommended in email list of one of the young popular making money niche marketers, a blogger who I thought was cool, but obviously he doesn’t really care about the way he is making money, and he is up to promoting any full of crap products to his list, I’ve un-subscribed anyways, so no more crap!

But, let me take you through the process of Making Money Online with a few clicks as they claim it on their sales page, damn it’s really funny to hear some all the time about money making techniques that you have never seen before haha

It’s not going to happen with a Push of a Button!

The Sales Page is full of lies!

Usually these kind of products have lies on it’s sales pages, it tells you how you will start earning money right after a few minutes from now, rocking your ClickBank in 2 hours from using the software. Who in the world still believes that?! Money is not easy to make, and it will never be! But those who claim it  does and shows you their earnings stats are fooling You! They fool you not because it’s fake, but because it took them years to actually earn from the internet, and this is what they are hiding from you!

Step by Step process to Make Money Online?!

First of all, it’s a step by step to spend money online, they assume that you don’t have a clue about making money, and it’s your first time ever to connect to the internet! This is how I see it! it doesn’t respect the human mind, it’s full of their affiliate links, they send you over to ClickBank  to register through their affiliate link, then use a particular hosting service, again through their affiliate links, and then register at aweber using the famous marketing fact that it’s for only $1 for the first month! And, so on!

I don’t really have a problem with affiliate links in the course, I personally affiliate a few products, and some of the links in this post are actually my aff links, but in a minutes you will know what I mean!

This explains why these kind of making money systems are cheap in it’s price, most are under $100,  so let’s say if you pay $47 (for example) for a money making product like this, here is the real amount they will earn from you:

  1. $47 the price you already paid for the main product
  2. $50 (more/less) commission from the hosting service and domain names you buy through them
  3. $6 / month from your Aweber subscription
  4. what else?!

Time is Money!

They claim immediate profits, fast money with a few clicks or pushing buttons, they will tell you their marketing secrets, and their amazing traffic techniques, which is basically using social media, they will tell you that you are able to earn money right a way from tweeting your product, but they forgot to tell you how much time it takes to get high quality targeted twitter followers, and how many months you need to build relationships and community around your Facebook page. They assume you have 1000s of followers and social media friends.

We all know that time is money, but those people will ignore this factor right after you pay them to get their product! The results is You will Die Hard trying to make money online using their software, and no body can guarantee anything!

The Money Making Software

After checking the software, it’s nothing really but an automated way of generating poor sales and landing pages, I can do better than that without any software, and probably you also can do it! It’s just a matter of creating one sales page then do copy and paste stuff!! What the heck?! I can even use Optimize Press to do the job perfectly as I already have it’s license!

I can imagine that it will take from 1 up to 2 years to really make progress with this kind of software, and this is why I think I will end up in a big mess if I use it and wasted my time!

So, I did return it and asked for refund!

I now know it was exactly as I imagined it, making money online is so easy only after a few years of success! It’s not going to happen with a push of a button!

Yes, it’s possible to Make Money Online


If you came across one of these Money making products, systems, software, courses or what ever they call it, share your thoughts and mention products by name if you want to ( plz no links), let’s just share some thoughts and concerns about this topic as I am sure so many people will read your opinion!

Image by : Wojciech Grzanka

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