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5 Important Things Why Bloggers Must Buy Online Products

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You maybe wonder, why do bloggers buy such products or services from the internet. Well, before I was also confused why do people buy items online and why they put their trust to other people they didn’t meet before. But later on, I discover how important it is to buy online products or services that we really need, especially if there is no other way to buy it!

This time, I would like to share with you my ideas about the importance of buying online products especially from authorized owner or authors. Depending on free stuff all the time won’t get you serious enough in your blogging activities, although there is quite good free products and services out there, but you really… really need to pay for what is much more valuable!

1. To know what the author can share.

Most newbie blogger knew only the basic information. Maybe they have the best information but still they don’t know how to apply it to themselves. So from the help of other professional bloggers also their problems would be solve.

2. To know the secrets.

Every successful being have a secret how he achieve his success, successful person might want to share secrets with you through selling information online. Of course, this is your chance to know it.

3. To know the application of his strategies and techniques.

Even if you already have the information you need to be successful, but sometimes it is hard to apply it in yourself. Through following his step by step guidelines, you might meet the success the author have achieved. Sometimes, we meet the key of our success from other people.

4. Connect with the author.

When we are in our early days of blogging, maybe you experienced criticisms from another blogger because we were still newbies. But if you connect to the owner/author of the product you bought, they might recommend you to their friends for following his success online.

The author might want to have an interview with you (mostly podcast interview) of what you have done, how you achieved your success. This is also a strategy of the author to promote their products. Then, this is your big advantage from other bloggers.

5. To get more serious in your blogging activities.

Sometimes if we don’t invest something, we might not get serious of doing something because you always think that nothing will loss from you.

But if you are a blogger that want to meet success, then buying someone’s great products is a good try to know the information you need in order to achieve your success like them.


Recently, I brought Darren Rowse’s great e-book 31 Days to Build A Better Blog . What I have noticed to myself is that I am now well organized of doing my blogging activities. I think it is because I already have the guidelines to follow.

It also makes me more motivated of thinking good ideas on applying the information he have shared to me. In fact, he teach me step by step on daily basis without information overload that sometimes makes us confused.

Share your thought about paid services and products you brought and it really helped your blogging business!

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