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Affiliate Marketing Is A No-Easy Game

Affiliate Marketing

Many of us thought that affiliate marketing was very easy to use. I agree with that, but the real process might take longer for you to see results. First of all, affiliate marketing is not an easy game. If you are a beginner or newbie to affiliate marketing, don’t expect that its easy to apply its definition. As an affiliate marketer, it all starts from the bottom and you need to work hard for it. If you take a look at some of the top entrepreneurs in their business, they all started to work hard in order to build their relationships wit their customers. They don’t even think of money first, which may not work without passion and good customer relationship.

If we don’t think of money, what about regaining our profits?

I know that we are in a hurry of making good profits from different affiliate programs, but still we can’t be successful without some passion. If we continue this way, we can say that we’re already one of the 90% that affiliate marketers failed in their careers. In order to be passionate in affiliate marketing, we need to study and analyze about the products offered by an affiliate marketing company. Honest reviews are also good for us to build good reputation to our customers in order to generate sales from them. But how would you be able to generate a sale from your product efficiently? Here are some of my few tips:

* Know the product – this is one of the most important things to know as a marketer. If you promote the product without knowing its functions and features, there is a good chance that customers won’t buy the product. However, if you know about it then it’s an advantage and might give a good chance to generate a sale from your visitors. You may still have a chance to review the product by searching other similar reviews and revise it by yourself. But make sure that your review seems to be honest and ‘catchy” to the customers so that the conversions may go well.

* Know your target – be sure to know who are your target visitors. If you promote the product in a wrong place (e.g., SEO product to a health site), then it is not relevant or they will call you as spammer. The niche of the product and the targeted website must match or closely related, and that’s where you get sales. Traffic is the lifeline of every affiliate marketer who wants to make a living of their career, and they have to do it through promoting it in a targeted site through search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) basis.

*Build your own list – this is very important for an affiliate marketer. We heard the quote about Money is on the list from other top bloggers, which we need to build it on our own. For those who can afford to pay for professional list building, Aweber is the best choice because you can control the flow of your newsletters or broadcasts to send to your subscribers, and with professional web forms as well. But if you cannot afford yet, FreeAutoBot is another good option for those who want free but with limited features. When visitors entered their name and e-mail address to your web form or squeeze page, it means they will always be updated about your blog broadcasts and newsletters as well. It is quite understood that when a visitor subscribes with your blog or squeeze page, they have lots of interests on it and considering themselves as potential customers. Once again, you need traffic to increase the number of subscribers to your blog or website, either free or paid.

The more you know about your product, target and building your list, the more you earn with affiliate marketing and to gain profits as well.

So do you think this is an easy game now?

We’ll, it’s easy for you to read all methods to make money on affiliate marketing, but it’s not easy when you take action. Reading might not help you a lot, because action speaks louder than words. If an affiliate marketer didn’t take action seriously, consider himself a failure. We understand that as a beginner to affiliate marketing, we might fail on every single method we apply. Quitting is not an option for an affiliate marketer once a method fails, it needs him to try again and “think outside the box”. Affiliate marketers starts with failure, and they will continue to improve by learning from their mistakes on different methods that failed them. An affiliate marketer with a positive attitude and with passion will become a winner someday, and anybody can do that by knowing the real game of it.

Affiliate marketing is not an easy game, but it makes you feel better everyday by learning new things until the beans are spilled with success!

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