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Popup Domination WordPress Plugin is an Exciting List Building Experiment

Popup Domination

Since the first time I saw it on a blog of one of my friend, I immediately fall in love with it, and told my self “THIS WILL WORK”! I had an exiting experience with the new Popup Domination plugin that speed up the process of list building like magic, I have got my first 9 subscribers in a few hours and still counting!

I didn’t even think about it more than one minute, I got the Popup Domination plugin and it’s up and running, probably you have seen it today when you visited our blog, and I even customize it to fit our Thesis Skin which gives it a very unique look and feel than any other popup you have seen before on any other blog, I have taken advantage of one of it’s four themes to create our own!

I just know that price will increase soon, so.. don’t miss this chance, only 50 customers will get it at the low price of $47 , I have sold it to 5 clients today, and I am not the only one who actually promote it, there are so many others, and chance will not wait for ever!

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It’s very exiting, and if you know me well, then you know that I always to discover new techniques and implement them LIVE on this blog and see the REAL reaction of our blog visitors, that’s what gives me the ability to tell an exciting and true story each time I blog!

So, I am going today to share with you not only one list building plugin, but I have more interesting experiment to share about:

Then you decide which one to go for, and how you will use it the best way that match your own needs!

But first, I want to let you know that I am using Aweber, a cool mailing list service that everybody knows about it! Check it out! And give it a try for only one dollar for the first month! I am sure you will not let it go!

Call it Shady ways! Who Cares?

I usually don’t hide anything, simply because I don’t have anything to hide! An I almost share everything I am learning and it’s part of my own experience, and probably this is why my blog readers never stop coming back unless someone is taking it personal lol!

I am using a very nice and simple plugin called Aweber WordPress Plugin, it connect two sensitive parts of your blog to your email list directly, these parts are your:

So, basically the Aweber WordPress Plugin allows you to automatically send an invitation and subscribe new members when they register to your blog, or add a new comment, this is very useful for blogs that open for guest blogging, as you might want to subscribe all your guest bloggers as you need a fast way to let them know about your blog news and updates, so there is no problem with that at all, just go a head and require them to subscribe with no worries, everybody is happy!

But, talking about enabling the plugin in your comment section is a little dangerous thing, because you can tick the check-box in the plugin features to subscribe everyone comment on your blog (this is what I did) and most of your blog commenters will actually not read, not even notice what the heck you put under your comment form, and because people are “too lazy to read” then problems happen, and some will complain about that, specially if you are trying to sell something for them, this will annoy the majority of your subscribers! They will just forget your goods and remember the bads, well.. this is how people are!

So, let me share with you what I got by using this list building technique, you can see the results from my Aweber account, I have got 441 subscribers in only 2 months, and with no work at all more than enabling the Aweber WordPress Plugin:

Someone might call it a “shady technique”, I must say that this technique works just fine if you use it on the right time, but probably in the long term it’s not the best way, as you can get into a mail list problems that you really don’t need!

Plz, put in mind that I am experimenting these techniques live, jut like anything thing else I am experimenting to find out the right way to do things by my own, and my main reason is to develop new ideas for my blog to write about, and share with you what’s really working by approve it to you!

I was expecting more feedback and maybe some bloody reaction, but I was shocked because this technique seems to be working! I actually got one single feedback and 2 complains out of 401 subscribers! But because I really care and it’s my main target to create a safe place, I won’t bother my readers, and this is why I didn’t use this list in a serious way! I am going only to send one single email to let them know that I am closing this list for ever!

Don’t Try this Technique at Home!

Put in your mind that my case could be different than yours, I know my blog authority and I am sure I am not hurting my blog or reputation! but I am not sure about you!

So.. from my own experience, no one will recommend it and I also don’t recommend it! And this is why I un-ticked the check-box and give people more freedom to choose whither they want to subscribe or not! (I have done this based on feedback from the community)

Build your Email List the Right Way

I am sure that everyone of you want to build his own list and FAST! Some of you give free stuff to do it and some others find some other ways, and this is pretty cool!

But what I see and it’s not working is to place your “Mail list sign-up” ugly form on your sidebar and/or below the content area, and wait for months till your list meets a few convinced subscribers! I must say it’s not the very best way, and it will take so long till you reach your very first 100 subscribers! I have done this for a whole month and got only 2 subscribers! Probably because I wasn’t giving away anything, or maybe because my form was not attracting anyone to sign-up (it was not working!).

How Popup Domination Changed Everything?!

I worked yesterday night till 5 AM in the morning of today, I didn’t want to sleep before setting up Popup Domination WordPress Plugin, and make everything fine, and I created a brand new email list to connect it to the plugin, then I activated the plugin and sent to sleep! I don’t sleep that much, so I wakeup around 11 AM, I check my Aweber account to see who jumped in the list, I got 9 subscribers, yes this is just amazing!

It Works with All Major Email List Services

They already put 4 different themes, but the good guys of Popup Domination plugin are committing to releasing monthly template packs, for FREE! and I don’t have any doubt about that, but for me I prefer to create my own look and feel, it was based on one of the already available themes and took me just 5 minutes to customize it! This means the Popup Domination plugin will witness a big improvements all the time, and it has a brilliant future indeed!

Try PopUp Domination Today Risk Free!

Get your money back if you don’t like, but I am sure you won’t need that option, you will just love it! you will not waste your $47 , and you will start taking advantage of Popup Domination plugin compound effect to increase your websites opt-ins, mailing lists and sales!

I will share with you some stats latter when there is a chance!

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