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3 Blogging Tips for Affiliate Marketers Who Want to Maximize their Earnings

Blogging Tips for Affiliate Marketers Who Want to Maximize their Earnings

Do you have a blog that is not generating the cash-flow you were expecting when firstly started?

Would you like to squeeze the maximum out of your blogging efforts through affiliate marketing?

You are not the only one struggling; everybody started from scratch, mostly with no advantage over the others; today I want to share with you 3 blogging tips anyone can implement to add more cash in their pocket, sooner than you might think.

Regardless of using WordPress, Blogger, TypePad or other blog platform I am positive that if you try these methods you will see significant results in less than a week.

What you should expect once you take action after reading today’s article:

The key is to get the maximum out of your affiliate blogging efforts and never leave money on the table, never.

Affiliate Blogging Tip #1

Write a compelling product review – focus on the reader – and avoid the temptation of talking “good things only” just to get the sale.

Let’s set something straight. A blogger’s mission is not to close the sale [that’s vendor’s objective]. Your main goal as an affiliate marketer is to lead the buyer making a smart decision [buy the product you’re recommending]

Focus on the reader – talk about what he wants to hear and more – speak the naked truth – which sometimes might hurt. Emphasize the good, the bad and the ugly about the product you’re showcasing.

If there’s something you dislike, tell it as it is. Explain your argument with solid facts, proof and testimonials.

Exposing the negative side of a product usually plays a more important role than its positive side particularly since people know that you get paid for affiliate recommendations.

It’s unusual for an affiliate marketer to put his commissions at risk by exposing negative facts about specific products and vendors, and that’s why most people would appreciate your honesty and give you a white ball.

As a result you’ll get more clicks, generating more sales.

How often should you post product reviews?

Here’s a general rule – send 80% content and 20% promos. That means for every 3 or 4 posts, you should follow up with an affiliate product review.

Affiliate Blogging Tip #2

List building

It’s so sad that most bloggers and affiliates are not using AWEBER or a similar dedicated autoresponder to build a list – a true asset that makes money, in good and bad economic times.

Here are just a few ideas anyone can use to build their list:

Why should you care about list building when blogging since you can do OK anyway?

Because your readers like to interact with you, not only through your blog, but via e-mail too. They’d love receiving short e-mails with additional tips, tricks and resources related to their favorite topics.

Content is king and building trust is key. When you recognize this, you understand that not building a list and not sending content regularly equals “blog business” suicide.

Affiliate Blogging Tip #3

Maximize your earning potential

Most bloggers would focus on getting advertisers to place sponsored ads on their blogs and make peanuts; others monetize their content with contextual advertising links, ClickBank, CJ, and AdSense related programs.

As an affiliate blogger you know how important it is to make the most of your efforts so why leave money on the table?

Want to know the most exciting part of their affiliate program?

Once people click, whether they buy the thing you linked to or not – you get commissions.

The most exciting way to promote Amazon is by writing compelling book reviews. I like how Daniel Scocco does it here –  “Crush It” review.

There are some networks paying you for using Twitter with sponsored messages. Due diligence is required. I did not personally test this method but there are other bloggers claiming it works.

How much could you make? Only you can attest that.

There you have it. 3 blogging tips to add more cash in your pocket. No tricks involved.

It’s your turn to comment now.

Is your blog fully monetized? What’s your next move in order to bump your affiliate commissions and jolt your blog earnings?

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