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Do You Treat Your Readers Like Dogs? Classical Conditioning for Blog Subscribers

classical conditioning

In this post, I am going to talk about how to get your blog readers drooling in anticipation for your next post, how to ring the bell to get them do what you want them to do!

It is a simple matter…

Once you understand classical conditioning, you can use it repeatedly to strengthen your reputation, and train people (your blog readers) to follow your lead. Let me explain to you how this can be done!

Understanding Classical Conditioning

Have you ever heard of Pavlov’s dogs? Pavlov trained his dogs to salivate whenever he rang a bell. He did this by ringing a bell, then feeding them. They soon came to recognize the bell ringing with food, and would salivate as soon as they heard the bell.  You can use this classical conditioning on your blog.

This is a great way of creating authority online. Start the bell ringing today. I am not saying your readers are dogs (although you may think that they are), but the same principles apply here. Your goal is to condition your customers to following your links.

I have known of the classical conditioning technique for years, and I am always surprised to find that more people just don’t use it. On the other hand, they may try to, and fail miserably.

“Ring the Bell” to get them started

Your links are the bell. You want to “ring the bell” by giving your readers a load of free links to follow. Every time you post a link in your blog post, you are training your readers to do what you want.

You can either train them to ignore your links, by filling your posts with affiliate products, or encourage them to follow your links by giving them free stuff that they can use. Sending them to the free stuff is the best way to use classical conditioning with your readers easily.  That leaves the question of  what links you should share.

Feed Them with Free Advice

Give them a lot of free food. This can be anything free online. Just make sure it is relevant to where their interests lie. Use free reports and giveaways, funny blog posts that you find, or anything free that will help them.  I like to use audio clips. This will train your visitors to click on the links that you provide. This is a CRITICAL step in classical conditioning, yet most people try to get by with taking short cuts. Taking the shortcut will fail  you every time.

Your readers will start to equate the links with great information that helps with their problems. Pick small problems that people have, and give them free tips and valuable reports to build up the trust with them. Slip into their confidence, and get them to let their guard down.

Use Landing Pages

If you are giving away a report, don’t just give them an instant download. Instead, set it up on a landing page, where they will see a short, catchy video or helpful article, and then give them the download from there. This gets people used to seeing another page when they click on your links.

Many people teach you to use landing pages for PPC. However, you don’t have to just send paid traffic. Set up a simple page with no extra links. Your readers should get used to having limited choices.

You could add a small banner, or a “soft” promotion to the page. People who want to buy can, but keep it subtle, with no pressure. The focus of the page needs to be on the gift, not the paid advertisement.

By “feeding” your customers all this free advice, they will be trained to follow your links, and you will provide them the help that they need. This will build your reputation for providing quality, and people will send their friends to your site as well.

Let it go VIRAL

Encourage people to share these free giveaways with friends and family. Let them share it on their own blog, or website. Make sure that the giveaway has links or references to your site, and you will get even more people coming to see all the value that you provide. Then you can start training them as well.

Now, Send them Wherever You Want

Once you do all this, you can do ANYTHING. You can send your readers to a paid promotion, or wherever you want. I recommend that you do this after you have given away 10 or more freebies.

Take a BIG problem, and point them to a product that solves that problem. You can do this with your own product, or by leading them to an affiliate offer.  Either way will work once you have them trained.

By following this classical conditioning technique, you can train people to follow whatever you tell them to do. You can build a following quickly. Show people how much you care about helping them.

So, What are you waiting for? Start  the bell ringing today!

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