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Good news everybody! Kristi Hines is launching her first ebook, “the Ultimate Guide to Blog Post Promotion.” It’s ready now and you can buy it today and get 20% off it’s prize. The reason why I think this is great news is because we are launching the Traffic Generation blogging contest on the first of March, so now you  can get a huge benefit by putting your hand on Kristi’s Blog Post Promotion ebook. I am 100% sure this ebook will help you to plan and win our contest, which has almost $4000 of real cash prizes right now!

Kristi showed us all excellent promotion tips and Traffic Generation techniques during our blogging comments contest, and I was really amazed by the results, so for those who are planning to participate in the Traffic Generation contest, check Kristi’s article promotion post and see the massive response she had on that post. It’s a good start for you to learn how to really promote your article or blog post and drive more traffic to it!

Kristi is sharing it all in “the Ultimate Guide to Blog Post Promotion!”

The really good thing I see here is that Kristi wasn’t planning to participate in the Traffic Generation contest, being busy with her new ebook. She became a sponsor this time.

I just want to remind you for the contest, check the Traffic Generation blogging contest information post, as we are updating this post almost everyday and sometimes twice a day.

Blog Post Promotion Guide

Click here to get your copy of the Ultimate Guide to Blog Post Promotion once it goes live.

I wish everyone good luck with our blogging contest. It’s really getting exciting here. We’ve got a few blog posts already and are looking forward to start publishing on the first of March! Let’s show the world some awesome traffic generation tips!

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