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How ComLuv Ads Increased my Blog Ranking in Search Engines

ComLuv DoFollow Ads

If you want to rank higher by targeting particular keywords like me, then you should read this.

I wanted to rank for keywords like “How to Blog” and “Start a Business“, but those are very high competition keywords, I was ranking in the page 10 or 9 of Google at the beginning, I don’t remember, but what I know now is FamousBloggers blog shows in the 4th page of Google after a few weeks of buying an ad at ComLuv and it’s making it’s way to the 3rd page on Google soon!

Actually this is what I do from time to time, I try different ads till I find something that really works and fit my needs! And of course because I know Andy and his great work at ComLuv and all what he have done developing the awesome CommentLuv plugin that most of us use, this is a simple way to support his project! I mean why I would buy ads from strangers while my friends are giving me a better service?!

ComLuv is a PR 6 website, it provides dofollow ads links, which means you can get a ranking boost if your link shows on it’s pages, plus a decent amount of daily traffic as ComLuv grows everyday, I can see it clearly in my dashboard Stats plugin, ComLuv is sending my blog an average of 200 visits/month.

So, here is the exciting news I want to share with you..

For the month of December, you will be able to get 50% off the normal price on 125×125 banner ads and text ads at Comluv.com! You could save up to 200 USD on the regular price.

Get 50% off DoFollow PR6 Banner Ads

This is really good offer, I just knew about it from Andy. if you purchase ComLuv Banner ads or text ads, you will get 50% off discount using these discount coupon codes:

Buy 125×125 banner ads on ComLuv Now!

The same 50% discount for Text Ads

Buy Text Link Ads on ComLuv Now!

Don’t miss this offer, it’s your chance to support ComLuv, at the same time get a dofollow banner or a link to your web site, and watch your page ranking!

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