Divi theme version 2.4 by ElegantThemes is one of the most advanced WordPress themes for building professional websites in a snap. Read the full story: Divi 2.4 Review →

This considered the biggest update for Divi theme by ElegantThemes. Check out what's new in this release. Read the full story: Divi 2.4 Release →

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Kim Doyal has joined our team of writers for the WP Elevation blog. Kim is an avid WordPress teacher, blogger and host of the WP Chick podcast. Read the full story: Kim Doyal Joined WP Elevation blog team →

If an SEO works on improving in this one area, I think that he or she can dramatically improve his or her skill as an SEO. Read the full story: Successful SEOs →

This Egyptian HVAC Technician is ranking number one in organic search results with a Google Places listing that outranks Google's own knowledge graph snippet. Read the full story: Outrank Google →

A list of supported types in the WPRichSnippets plugin for WordPress. Read the full story: Schema Types →

As entrepreneurs, we’re not just looking for a big payday, but also to see our product adopted and loved by the masses. Read the full story: Product Launch Lessons →

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CSS Hero plugin allow you to easily customize WordPress theme and see changes you make live on the website. Read the full story: CSS Hero Plugin

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Quick and easy connection to the RoundCloud Affiliate Network. Automatic integration of the conversion tracking script to your site. CPC, CPS models. Read the full story: RoundCloud Advertising →

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CSS Hero has an offer, get 50% off CSS Hero and start customizing your website the way you always want. Read the full story: CSS Hero Discount →

If you run a WordPress site and make a comment on a post yourself while logged in, information relating to your username is added to the HTML that makes up the comment when displayed on the post page. Read the full story: WordPress Comments →

The Front-End Submission add-on for WPRichSnippets plugin got a new update including big fixes and enhancements. Read the full story: Front-End Submission Add-on →

A new update release for WPRichSnippets plugin for testing automatic plugin updates for the first time. Read the full story: WPRichSnippets →

Fascinating and inspiring so decided to make this a regular feature where I roundup these income stats. Read the full story: Public Income Reports →

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