Syed Balkhi, founder of, has acquired Google Analytics by Yoast for an undisclosed amount and has renamed it to MonsterInsights. Read the full story: Google Analytics →

A new Shortcodes add-on for WPRichSnippets plugin has been released for free to all members over at site. Read the full story: Shortcodes Add-on for WPRS →

Whether you have just started a blog or you haven't started yet. You need to know how to gain traction fast. This post will show you how. Read the full story: Gain Traction Fast →

You have a blog, but you aren't growing it fast enough. You need to know how and this post will tell you. Read the full story: Grow Your Blog →

Installing WordPress is just the beginning. There are specific tasks you need to complete after installing WordPress. These are essential. Read the full story: Find out more →

Your blog is leaking cash and you need to plug those leaks. But, what can you do to solve that problem fast? Removing distractions is the key. Read the full story: Improve your conversions →

Writing a great piece of content and hitting publish isn't enough. Follow these tips and get more shares, traffic and email subscribers from each post Read the full story: Simple Blogging Tips →

You don’t need a big email list to monetize your blog. You just need a list of the right people. If you have that, you can create cash flow. Read the full story: monetize your blog →

The simple truth is bloggers who make a real difference in the long term are those who’ve found a way to operate their blogs more like a business. Read the full story: monitization →

Everybody raves about getting more traffic to their websites, but if your website isn't converting - you are just wasting your time. Read the full story: Top Conversion Optimization Tools →

Do you want to start building your list or are you already building a list but just want more subscribers? This guide is for you. Read the full story: Complete Guide To List Building For Bloggers →

Until this Friday, get all 43 StudioPress themes, 18 bonus themes, plus every child theme design we make in the future, for only $299.95. That’s a savings of over $1,200 off the price if you purchased everything separately. Read the full story: StudioPress All-Theme Package Discount →

Every blogger has questions, some different but a lot of them end up being similar. This resource will help you get answers to those questions. Read the full story: Get Your Questions Answered →

Divi is an impressive multi-purpose WordPress Theme for all your projects, recommended for average WordPress user and developers. Read the full story: Divi Theme →

I recently made the decision to remove the Disqus comment system from my WordPress blog. I learned (the hard way) that some of my readers avoided commenting. Read the full story: Disqus Comment System →

When recommending a premium theme, StudioPress is at the top of the list. Here is a list of top selling StudioPress Themes in Feb. 2014 Read the full story: StudioPress Top Selling Themes →

ElegantTheme, the most affordable WordPress themes members is increase its price from $29 to $69 next week. Read the full story: ElegantThemes Increase PRice →

Earning money from your blog is a popular topic, but what if we just want to earn enough to maintain our blogs? It's more than just a set of monetizat Read the full story: Monetize Your Blog →

That's a pretty incredible figure and for a lot of bloggers it's even worse. First impressions are important so you need to take steps to make sure you make visitors stick around, want to come back and increase the likelihood that they will subscribe to your list or purchase your products. Read the full story: [...]

Over the years, I've watched many successful people go from golden boy to bus boy in their careers because of expertitis. Stay alert. The answers change. Often. Read the full story: success →

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