Eric Siu is the co-founder of Evergreen Search who has previously done SEO work for companies such as Toyota, Symantec, Break Media, and more. He writes on topics such as Black Hat vs. White Hat SEO.

Guest Blogging

What began on America Online as a teenage fad has expanded into a full fledged marketing technique with its own lingo and celebrity subculture. Bloggers are the gatekeepers of the opinions of the Internet, and guest blogging is not only an honor, but can also be a bonafide business enhancer. Guest blogging here will be [...]

Internet Marketing

No matter what kind of writer you are, there is a one great way to increase your audience and have them beating down your door for your writing, whether it's your book, your blog, your ebook, your copywriting, your freelance article writing, your travelogues, or any other sort of writing you do. What is this [...]