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How Internet Marketing Can Increase Your Reach As A Writer

Internet Marketing

No matter what kind of writer you are, there is a one great way to increase your audience and have them beating down your door for your writing, whether it’s your book, your blog, your ebook, your copywriting, your freelance article writing, your travelogues, or any other sort of writing you do. What is this miracle method that puts your words in front of so many more eyeballs?

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is the best tool a writer can add to his or her promotional toolbox. It is the one marketing method that has the ability to increase your income, no matter which method you use to get paid.

How can a blogger benefit from internet marketing?

Most bloggers depend on adsense or ad sales to monetize their busy blogs. What if you could use your blog to make more money?

It’s the rare blogger who doesn’t have a particular niche or subject that they’re blogging about. It doesn’t matter if the blog is about politics, about a sport or other hobby, about a particular region, about raising kids or about any one of thousands of other possible topics. When you have that specific an audience, then you have the ability to sell them what they’re looking for. If you can tap into that, then you can create information products that answer their needs. You can use your website to sell your ready audience those info products, also known as ebooks. Selling your own products will be much more profitable than running adsense ads or selling adspace.

How can you find out what your audience wants? Ask them. Write a blogpost and encourage people to comment. Then do your market research, create the ebook, and learn how to launch it. Creating an information product is a natural extension of your blogging. It gives you an opportunity to explore an aspect of your interest in much more depth than you can in a blogpost. If the launch is handled properly, your audience is already warmed up to purchase your product. After all, it’s what they asked for!

Once you have an information product to sell, you can promote it through an affiliate network such as Clickbank and have thousands of people promoting you. You can also sell those ebooks through Amazon for the Kindle. Make sure you have your blog address prominently displayed within your ebook, so your new readers know where to find you. Even better, offer a freebie through a page designed to collect email addresses. This is called a squeeze page. You can link from your product download page into your blog.

How can a freelancer, a copywriter or any other contract writer benefit from internet marketing?

Anyone who sells a writing service can easily benefit from internet marketing. Use internet marketing to promote your service. Best of all is the fact that other internet marketers are a ready market for your services. The world wide web is wide indeed, and content is king. Internet marketers constantly need web content. Use the internet marketing forums to promote your service.

How can a novelist benefit from internet marketing?

There’s a saying in internet marketing: the money is in the list. The list in question is a list of email addresses of people interested in you and your books.

When you are promoting a book, whether by touring, book signings, school visits, or speaking engagements, you have an opportunity each time to collect email addresses of those interested in hearing more from you. Simply put a piece of paper on the table with a space for people to give their name and email address.

Most publishers these days require authors to have a website. Having a newsletter sign-up form on your website can increase your email list opt-in, especially if you offer a small freebie to people who sign up, for instance a free short story to read.

Once you have that list, you’ll be able to communicate with your audience directly, and turn those single sales into repeat sales more reliably. You’ll also be able to let your audience know when you’ll be in their area for a book signing.

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