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Being On The Right Email List Can Make All The Difference

Top Internet Marketers

The internet marketing world is filled with “gurus” and “masters” and you probably know how hard it is to truly find someone that actually cares about his subscribers and focuses on providing valuable content and not just making another sale.

One of the most important things I learned since first getting into the whole internet marketing world is that being on the right email list can truly make a huge difference for me and my business. Just the same as being on the wrong email lists can have the same impact only in a very negative aspect.

One thing I learned I must do is to weed out the bad marketers and unsubscribe from their lists as soon as possible and create my own list of top internet and affiliate marketers that I should FOLLOW, LEARN from and PROMOTE their products to my own list.

The simple truth is that when you are getting into the internet marketing you will sign up to many email lists. You simply can’t avoid that as email lists are a very big part of this business if not the biggest one. The first thing you should do is to setup a new email account that will only be used for the purpose of signing up to email lists. This will make it much easier to control and also be sure to check that email account once a day.

Only provide your main email address to marketers that proven to you that they are worth it.

Today I want to share with you my list of top internet and affiliate marketers and more importantly, the factors I use in order to determine who gets to be on my list and who doesn’t.

The Don’t Do’s

I prefer to start with the factors that help me weed out all of the bad internet marketers that cause me to waste money and more importantly waste time.

Promotes Everything

This is pretty simple. If you are getting promotion emails on a daily basis promoting just about anything under the sun than you shouldn’t be on that list for one more second. Don’t even bother to check those promotions as I can assure you the marketer promoting them to you didn’t check them himself.

Using The Vendor’s Swipe Copy

Marketers that don’t even take the time to right their own emails in their own words are probably only looking for your money. If they are that lazy do you really think they took the time to check if the product is any good and if it will actually help you?

I seriously doubt it. It is so funny to get the same exact email in the same day from various marketers. If they don’t understand how bad it looks than I am not going to explain it as I wouldn’t waste another second on those lists and neither should you.

Promoted a Crappy Product

If a marketer has promoted a crappy product, a product that was only promoted to you in order to make some commissions without even carrying about the quality and the value it brings, than don’t stay on that list any longer.

This is a very important step to take and even if you made a mistake and bought a bad product (I guess we all did at one point or another 😉 ), you should still make the most of the situation and unsubscribing from the marketer that promoted that product is the first and most important step you should take. Making mistakes is essential and a big part of our lives and businesses just as long as you learn from them.

No Added Value

If you are not being given some added value than why should you stay on that list? I mean this is the main reason you sign up, right? You want to get some value from being a subscriber on that list.

Value can be measured in various forms and I am sure you will be able to know if you are getting value or not from being on a list and if staying on that list will be good for you in for the long term or not.

The Do’s

Now for the important factors I use in order to find the best internet marketers that being on their email list will be very beneficial for me over a long period of time and the type of marketers I would be more than happy to buy stuff using their affiliate links and promoting their own products.

Great Product or Service

This is pretty easy. If a marketer has a product or a service which is simply great and I love using it, than I want to be on his list.

At least until he proves otherwise 😉 .

Added Value

This is a must as the only reason you want to be on an email list is because you expect (hope) to get some added value.

Value can be seen differently by various people so what I might consider as added value might not be considered the same by someone else. This is why it will be all up to you to decide if you are indeed getting some added value by being a subscriber.


This is pretty understandable and can also be included under added value but I decided to highlight it. The important thing to remember when it comes to freebies is that it can also be something negative.

You want the freebies to be of good quality and more importantly, relevant to what you are actually doing. If this is not the case than freebies will only add to the information overload problem we all have and will cause you to lose focus.

Sending freebies is very easy and many can do it, but you should only focus and stay on with those that provide really good quality freebies that will actually help you out rather than waste your time.


Very few marketers actually engage with their subscribers. What I mean by engagement is actually trying to get you, the subscriber, to reply to his emails and provide your thoughts and opinions.

What better way to realize that someone cares about you than asking you to contribute your thoughts and opinions? I think engagement is great and I will surly try to implement it into my own email marketing.


It is pretty easy to realize after a few emails if the marketer on the other side of the emails you are getting actually cares about you and his other subscribers.

Getting a little personal is something that works for me and so it might be the case for you. I simply love to get the feeling that someone actually cares about my online success. Promoting products is OK as long as you know that those products have actually been checked and tested before being promoted to you.

If the person on the other side of those emails actually cares than he will probably earn your trust which is something you really want to get from your subscribers.

My List Of Trusted Marketers

I decided to share with you some of the names of internet marketers I trust and I love being on their email lists and I am more than confident in recommending them as I am sure each of you can benefit from joining their email lists.

All of the following marketers are really the best at what they do and they all truly focus on providing valuable content. Don’t get me wrong, they all want to make money, just like you and me and everyone else in this business.

But they are not doing this by simply promoting every crappy product out there and bombarding your inbox with promotions over promotions and most importantly, they are not making me feel as they are simply trying to make money.

And here are the names:

If you want to learn more about each of them then you can check out my “Guru” Trust section on my blog and find out why they all made the cut.

The most important thing to remember is that they are all taking a different path that separates them from everyone else and this is what makes them so great and worthy of your ATTENTION, NAME & EMAIL 🙂 .

Who’s On Your List?

I would love to read your feedback on this post and especially see who are the internet marketers that you trust and that you would love to recommend.

We are all here to help each other (at least I hope so) so here is your chance to share some good and very valuable information. Tell us all which internet marketers impressed you and that you are happy to be on their email list.


To your success (and mine 😉 ),

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