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Infographic Accounting Software

Accounting is defined as "The system of setting up, maintaining, and auditing the books of a firm" and "A detailed report of the financial state or transactions of a person or entity." But what accounting really is for a small business is life. Without accurate and lawful accounting practices a small business is more likely [...]

Small Business Success

What makes the difference between a successful small business that keeps evolving with the times, and a stagnant small business that withers and dies? To answer that question look at what successful small business owners have in common and the answer becomes clear. Small business owners habitually practice the following ten things that not only [...]

Improve Your Customer Service [Infographic]

Good customer service demands that a business contacts and connects with customers on the customers' terms. Oftentimes, this means you will need to be available via various channels.  Depending upon your audience, you may need to connect with clients via new media, old media, or both. When providing customer service there are several channels in [...]

CRM for Small Business

At some point, with any luck, your business will outgrow basic spreadsheets, post it notes, and the rolodex. It will get too difficult to wade through all the information to get to the right client's data, in order to provide the most topnotch customer service possible. You'll also need to have a program that can [...]

Simple Project Management

Many small business owners spend a lot of time in meeting after meeting, never getting anything accomplished. If you really want to stop wasting your time and start completing your projects it is important to understand what exactly project management entails. According to Wikipedia, Project Management includes, "... Planning, organizing, securing, managing, leading and controlling [...]

CRM versus SCRM

Connecting with customers is one of the challenges of nearly every business, so it makes sense that business leaders would find easy solutions to managing that challenge. This often means searching for software that will make the task easier. In the past, the market of customer relationship management software was a homogenous field – software [...]