5 more Reasons you must Guest Post

Ann Smarty has done a great job of listing down 20 reasons you must guest post. Those reasons should be good enough for anyone to start guest blogging. However while writing a guest post for dailyseotip.com to promote my cna training blog, I had several reasons that do not belong to that wonderful list. Some of these reasons may be valid for the myblogguest community and hence I requested Ann to share this post with the readers.

1- An idea that does not fit into my own blogs

I study seo regularly to take care of seo work for my own websites. But I do not have a seo blog of my own. So when I had an interesting idea about hiding the backlink, posting it on some other established blog was the natural decission. It would have been so out of place on my cna training blog.

2- Break into a new social media

I am surprised that this advantage of guest blogging is not given due importance in any of the articles about guest blogging till date. My article on dailyseotip.com has already got 7 sphinns though it was not exactly the best written one. I can not think of a better way to build a trusted profile on a social media of your choice.

3- Promote your linkbait

Both an interesting article and right exposure are the most important requirements of a successful linkbait. While nothing stops you from producing an interesting article, as a new blogger, you may find itย  really difficult to get the linkeratti to visit your bog. A guest post on an established blog is a great way to expose your article to the right audience.

4- Fight negative reviews

What do you do when a search for your product or service brings up a negative one at the top? There are several ways but guestblogging on number of authority blogs may be one of the fastest way to push those negative reviews down. While not many bloggers will allow you to write a review of your product, they will not mind you linking to a positive review from the post.

5- Get my new blog out of the sandbox

It is a well known fact that Google looks at new blogs with suspicion and takes sometime before showing them up on search results for even long tail keywords. Getting a link from reputed website like dailyseotip.com or bloggingtips.com is the fastest way to get out of the sandbox. I am aware that the link building advantage is already listed in the original 20 reasons. However while for an established website it is one more link to the thousands of links that it has, for a new blog like my own it is the fastest way to get indexed and start appearing on google SERPs and hence infinitely much more valuable.

Let me know what you think of my idea in the comments section, and feel free to add your own guest blogging ideas.

Binaryday is an internet marketer and is currently involved in the education sector through a blog about phlebotomy certification exam. These tips are based on his experiences of working with adsense over several niches.


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  • John Allen December 14, 2011, 2:28 pm

    Guest blogging is a very good way to get traffic back to your site. You should chose to guest blog on a site that is in the same niche as yours so that you get quality traffic. The reasons on this post are well put and should be able to assist many bloggers out there.

  • Stella Anokam March 22, 2011, 3:35 am

    Your point guest-posting on “an idea that does not fit into my own blogs” really caught my attention. A really good suggestion on what to do with those random ideas on other areas of passion one has. Thanks.

  • Cassy Graza September 21, 2010, 7:29 pm

    “Hello,I adore perusing via your website, I wished to go away a small comment to support you and would like you a great continuation. Wishing you the finest of good fortune for all your blogging initiatives.”

  • CJ June 17, 2010, 2:50 pm

    Guest posting is huge man!
    It’s blown up like crazy within the past few months, I absolutely love the concept, it’s such a great way to get traffic and exposure.


    CJ’s last blog ..Pay Per Click Kind of Sucks Or Kind of Rocks… What Do You Think?

  • KEXEDIBRORB March 18, 2010, 8:00 pm

    i truly love all your writing kind, very exciting,
    don’t quit and keep posting because it simply good worth to read it.
    impatient to look over more and more of your own article content, have a good day!

  • Bishwajeet March 7, 2010, 6:00 am

    Havnt written Guest posts on any blog yet as due to college pressure out here , but whenever I ll have time I ll surely write and will see the results. Most important think about guest blogging is the people get to know you.
    .-= Bishwajeet@Blogging Community´s last blog ..HootSuite Tutorial Video =-.

  • Dennis Edell March 2, 2010, 3:48 pm

    All good points. I’m actually interested in your interesting idea about hiding the backlink.
    .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..DEDC Updates โ€“ What the (Near) Future Holds for You and I! =-.

  • Blogging for Business February 28, 2010, 10:46 pm

    Kim Roach also recommends this strategy. I had been putting it off for some time until one of my videos about a new work-at-home-mom project caught the attention of a prominent blogger. He approached me via email and asked if I would do a guest post for him! It was very easy to put together, especially after he gave me a suggested format. I will definitely be doing more of that in the future!
    .-= Blogging for Business´s last blog ..Pay Per Click Advertising That Works =-.

    • Hesham March 1, 2010, 12:46 am

      Thanks, maybe you would guest post on our blog if there is a chance!

      • Rana March 1, 2010, 8:10 am

        I would love to write a guest post for Famous Bloggers! Let me know when that opportunity is available ๐Ÿ™‚ Rana
        .-= Rana@BloggingforBusiness´s last blog ..Pay Per Click Advertising That Works =-.

        • Hesham March 1, 2010, 2:23 pm

          The door is always open, plz.. visit our submit your article page and get ready, we are establishing a contest for guest blogging, it’s the first of it’s kind, so you could win some cash or one of the awesome prizes.

          I will pronounce the contest in the coming days, so don’t forget to visit us.

  • Blog Angel a.k.a. Joella February 27, 2010, 9:10 am

    I think guest posting outside your niche is a really great way to keep things fresh. I love getting the chance to strut my stuff on a topic that’s not necessarily related to my blog. It helps liven things up, after all change is good for the soul and the mind.

    Beyond that guest posting really helps bring in new traffic, of that there is new doubt. I never turn down and invitation for an opportunity to guest post. (Hint, hint!)
    .-= Blog Angel a.k.a. Joella´s last blog ..Blog Plagarism (Part 3/3) – Discourage, Detect & Respond To Content Theft =-.

    • pradeep February 27, 2010, 10:17 pm

      I can not agree more. I have been writing about blogging and seo on several blogs and I already enjoy the response that I have been getting.
      .-= pradeep´s last blog ..cna training in ct or cna training in Connecticut =-.

      • Hesham February 27, 2010, 11:07 pm

        Glad to see you doing a great job! I love this post.
        .-= Hesham´s last blog ..Dose a Blog Feels and knows itโ€™s Owner =-.

  • Ileane February 26, 2010, 11:52 am

    I think you’ve found some good ones to add to the list. Sphinn is really hard to do well with so I’ll pop over and give you a vote.

    Thanks for sharing.
    .-= Ileane´s last blog ..So You Want To Start Blogging =-.

  • element321 February 25, 2010, 11:27 am

    Great post.

    I think guest posting is better than submitting links, only if you guest posts are good. If they are not, then you won’t have many new readers.

    As for me getting into guest posting. I am working on some ideas and plan to write several and starting posting them various sites.
    .-= element321 @ evolutionary designs´s last blog ..Uptime Robot Server Monitoring Services =-.

  • Shirley February 25, 2010, 7:20 am

    Guest posting is something most people don’t know the effects of. But it has great effects, positive effects to be precise.
    .-= Shirley´s last blog ..CAPTCHA Prevents Commenting In Blogs โ€“ Shirleyโ€™s Zone Readers Think So =-.

  • Rinaldi February 25, 2010, 6:08 am

    good and I just know it .but I do not understand this because i still deeply it.Your Post can become a reference for me.
    .-= Rinaldi @ blogicthink´s last blog ..Genesis Theme Framework and Child Theme Explanation by StudioPress =-.

  • chandan February 25, 2010, 1:12 am

    I also think like this, guest posting is much better than submit article to article directories or submit blog post on any blog network, It not only help for branding but also we get some extra promotion of our article. The blog where we will guest post they will optimize the post so it also advantage for us as our backlink will also optimize.
    .-= chandan@work at home jobs´s last blog ..Dofollow link building resource =-.

    • Dana February 25, 2010, 8:30 am

      I think the same — guest posting is far more great if compare to article directory submitting.
      .-= Dana @ Blogging Update´s last blog ..6 Benefits of Guest Blogging =-.

      • pradeep February 25, 2010, 9:04 am

        That is what I am trying with my cna training site. Instead of writing 100s of articles, I am trying to beat competition with quality links through guest blogging.
        .-= pradeep´s last blog ..cna training online =-.

  • pradeep February 24, 2010, 9:58 pm

    Great to see that people are liking my post, especially after I got blasted on my post on dailyseotip ๐Ÿ™‚
    .-= pradeep´s last blog ..cna training online =-.

  • Tom February 24, 2010, 5:34 pm

    These are some points that most people do not touch on. For me, I guest post to get my blog into a much larger audience. There are blogs with 1,000’s of followers that will let me write for them – why wouldn’t I?
    .-= Tom@Build That List´s last blog ..17 Wordpress Plugins That Will Improve Your Blog =-.

  • Kiesha February 24, 2010, 4:21 pm

    Now if this all doesn’t make some one go run out and guest post – I don’t know what will. ๐Ÿ™‚ By the way, if anyone cares, I’m accepting guest posts ๐Ÿ™‚
    .-= Kiesha @ WeBlogBetter´s last blog ..How to ensure your blog is never found =-.

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