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Make Sure Your Tweets Are Being Seen!

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Getting information and ideas out to the masses is what social media and networking is all about, particularly if you are in business, but is anyone reading what you have to say? Twitter is one of the best business networking tools as it’s easy flow, quick and sharp updates make for a great business tool. These tips will show you how to get your tweets read.

1- React and Engage

The core thing to remember about getting your tweets read, is to be human in your tweeting. If you tweet like a robot, or worse, like a spammer, with no level of personal engagement, you will look like spam and people will get bored and un-follow you. Tweet personal touches occasionally, such as, “Good morning, hope you’re well!” as this provokes response as well as breaks down the fourth wall so people can see you are friendly and will want engage with you meaning they sit up and pay attention to your feeds.

The more you engage with your followers, the more they understand you care about them and so you build a relationship.

2- Search Your Business Data

There is no better way of knowing your tweets are being read than setting up searches for them. For example, always check to see if you have anyone @mentioning you in response to tweets. This way, you know your information is being seen and provoking conversation and discussions.

Another great idea is to search Twitter for your company name or topics using hashtags. Hashtag searches allow people to make a tweet easy to find so if you get into the habit of using # to locate your tweets, you can see who has being doing it in response about you and your niche area of business!

Searching your Re-Tweets is also an obvious but very effective way to see who has not only read your tweets, but found them interesting enough to retweet and inform others about them. Tools such as MarketMeSuite allow you to pull in all this data in a clean, sophisticated and easy manner so you have it all in one place where you need it!

3- Tweet Questions

This is such a simple idea that it can be easily forgotten and overlooked.

By tweeting questions, it invites followers and users to interact with you and converse. By getting a response, you know your tweets have been read! Something as simple and easy as adding “what do you think?” or “would love to know your thoughts” at the end of an update encourages responses. And, if people repsond, you know you’re message is getting out there.

Remember, if someone asks you a question, you tend to respond to it automatically, think like a human being when you tweet and you get the exposure and response you want.

4- RSS Feeds For Your Blog Or Website

Allowing RSS Feeds to be activated via your business profiles, sites and blogs, means you allow people who are interested in your business to get involved and tweet your updates automatically. These feeds encourage maximum exposure which is crucial to your business and online presence.

You can see who have been activating these feeds by searching for the URLS of the  updates  using  MarketMeSuite. This is a great way of seeing who takes your posts seriously. Not only do you have the benefit of seeing how many people are active on your RSS Feed, you can also rest assured that all their followers will be made aware of you and your updates without having to do anything!

5- Schedule your tweets

Scheduling tweets and updates is a fantastic way to make sure you are getting valuable content out to your audience around the clock, even when you’re sleeping! Using apps like MarketMeSuite, allow you to schedule your tweets for an exact time and date so you know they will be seen by the people who matter most world wide. It’s not always possible to be sat at the computer, so setting up tweets to go out automatically really helps you stay up to date and  in tune with your online social media audience.

Key Take Away

Knowing how to follow through with tweets and how to connect with your audience, means you can trust that your tweets are being read. Searching your links, keywords and tags all help you see who has re-tweeted, responded and engaged.  Most importantly, make reacting and engaging  once someone has taken action on your tweet a priority.

Image: © panco – Fotolia.com

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