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It’s kind of weird that Twitter became the most extremely used network by millions of people who do online business in different niches, if you know me you probably know that I have a lot of fun on Twitter everyday, I didn’t schedule my tweets yet, I still prefer do the job manual and I will tell you why at the end of this post by giving you what I personally consider a priceless Twitter advice.

Today is the Follow Friday and I am using Follow Friday Helper to prepare the list and I also added more of people to recommend to you this week, they are a few awesome guys from our community who has been active on Twitter, and I am going to add their customized Twitter backgrounds that I like, and ah! before I forgot I want to recommend one of our sponsors viuu.co.uk who delivers nice and Free Twitter backgrounds, give it a visit if you would like to do some Twitter makeup, also check out their Free Twitter Phtographer Collection, follow them @pointofviuu, have some fun!

Here is my list with no order:

Famous Bloggers

I would like to start with the Custom Twitter Background that I have created specially for FamousBloggers blog which has our Blog team photos.

Feel free to follow us on Twitter @FamousBloggers

Mars Dorian

When I think about Personal Branding I have no one in mind but only the guy from the Super Mars Land, especially after he wrote How to Build a Remarkable Personal Brand. Mars Dorian, he is a digital entrepreneur on a Creative Crusade to change the online world through personal branding and creative marketing, that’s super cool! read this post from Mars, he will tell you about the real reason why some Brands are AWESOME and have super-loyal fans while others don’t.

Follow Mars on Twitter @marsdorian

Kristi Hines

Who don’t know our great bloggers and awesome team player Kristi Hines? if you don’t know Kristi hen maybe this is your first time on the internet lol! Kristi is a freelance web designer specializing in WordPress customizations, blogging, social media marketing, and website optimization. She wrote several useful articles on different famous blogs, I like her post on how to get targeted Twitter followers fast, and her must read article about HootSuite as a Twitter Management for Bloggers. Give her blog a visit today I am sure you will find something good to share with the world!

Follow Kristi on Twitter @kikolani

James Johnston

A Web Design and SEO Consultant. I also enjoy organic gardening as one of his hobbies, I remember his most interesting post about On-Page SEO Tips to help drive Organic Traffic to your site, I even revisit that post again and again when ever I have time, he is a team player on our blog now so I will have to update our about us page on the first chance, visit James’s blog and enjoy the depth of his articles, and by the way he have just moved to new hosting, so… congratulations buddy!

Follow James on Twitter @Element321

Gerald Weber

He is the Houston SEO/SEM Guy, awesome blogger, good friend, lover, Skydiver, Entrepreneur, Ass Kicker Extraordinaire and the Founder Of Search Engine Marketing Group, I just can not stop promoting Gerald because all the god stuff he tweets about, his support and the fun we are having together while tweeting, I will never forget his post on our blog about How to Put the Kibosh on Content Scrapers & Thieves!

Follow Gerald on Twitter @the_gman

Harsh Agrawal

Harsh Agrawal, Co-Founder of rtCamp WordPress dev. company who writes at Shoutmeloud.com, probably most of you know Harsh as an active person, I must say that Harsh is avery supportive person as well. enjoy his recent post on our blog about why you should write quality guest posts. Harsh also have a nice post on his blog talking about why Roundup posts is necessary and important exactly like this post 🙂 give a visit to his blog, I am sure you will find lots of interesting information.

Follow Harsh on Twitter @denharsh

Karen Woodham

I bet you know Karen of BlazingMinds.co.uk , she loves tech, life & people who make me laugh, especially those that don’t mean to do it, so now you know how to get attention 🙂 she has creativity on blogging ideas, I like her post running out of blogging Ideas then Try Photo A Day! also I recommend visiting her blog, it’s has so many interesting topics the short style that don’t waste your time, check out this one on How to write a Twitter Bio that Gains you more Followers, and don’t forget to check her blog and connect with her, Karen give good promotion for active people in her blog community.

Follow Karen on Twitter @BlazingMinds

Nicole Bauer

An elegant visual designer from in Germany, I like the colors Nicole use in her designs, you can check her cute design portfolio and tell her what you think about it!

Follow Nicole on Twitter @nicolebauer

Brendan Wenzel

Boston Internet Marketing Consultant who have a simple goal: Doing it Big!! Marketing and business is his game, and oh! yeah.. He do web design as well, I have attended once his live stream and I recommend connecting with this guy, Brendan is very helpful and will respond to you on Twitter in no time.

Follow Brendan on Twitter @BrendanWenzel


I must end this post with something sweet, as Gera said: Sweets are always welcome, so I am going to retwet some sweet stuff for our Twitter Followers because I think they deserve it 🙂 So… Gera is a Foodie & Food Blogger, he blog also about Social Media and include useful links in his rounds, you will wish he Stumbleupon any of your posts because people trust him and they actually will visit your blog, Health & Fitness is included! he is also a Runner & Biker, cool I love that but only to watch lol, Gera also into Internet Marketing… you know what? follow him to know what else he dos!

Follow Gera on Twitter and taste some sweet @sweetsfoods

Priceless Advice: Be Human on Twitter

I will tell you a short story happened yesterday while I am tweeting and retweeting, I some times follow people when I see people retweet their articles and posts, then latter I do some flushing to people who don’t interact with me or don’t follow me back, so that lady followed her weeks ago and then I unfollow her latter and time passed, I found a retweet from someone with a link to her blog, I went to check the blog and I found that she is sick and need to be in bed, so I sent her a tweet with get well soon! she followed me immediately and say thank you 🙂

So, plz follow this Twitter priceless advice, especially if you are tweeting from behind the logo, people will not like that much if you are a company or an automated thing, they actually need to feel the personal and human touch by you!

Have a great weekend everybody, stay focus while working at home, and don’t forget to act and interact with me on Twitter @FamousBloggers

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