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5 Things You Didn’t Realize You Could Do With MarketMeSuite

Using MarketMeSuite

You’re busy. You don’t always have time to log into the ever growing list of social networks, so what do you do?

You rely on tools.

And it’s usually in the plural. You have something to auto-respond to followers, another tool to schedule, another to RSS. And don’t even get started on all the places you need to monitor. At MarketMeSuite we realized this was a growing problem for a lot of business users of social media, so we set out to find a solution. And what’s more, it’s a free solution.

1. RSS Posting

Pushing content from your blog is important, and also sharing content from other relevant sites takes a lot of time. There are sites dedicated to just pushing RSS feeds, but did you know MarketMeSuite has a robust RSS manager to push to Twitter and Facebook?

What is really clever is that you can add a Prefix and a Suffix. So, if you wanted to post out all of @FamousBloggers articles you can actually put “RT @Famousbloggers” at the front of the post or add a hashtag at the end. You can set up multiple RSS feeds so that some are catered for the Twitter audience “RT” and some are written specifically for Facebook “Hey check out this article I just found…”

2. Geo-Targeting

There is a ton of noise in the Twittersphere, and if you’re a local business, it’s often very hard to connect with the people who are actually potential customers.

Imagine you’re a chiropractor. With MarketMeSuite you can actually geo-target a campaign just to 25 miles from your office.

This type of geo-targeted tweeting is a tremendous time saver. As nice as it is to chat with someone with back pain in Norway, you need to fill your office in New York. The results are pretty staggering too. 85% of replies sent using this method elicit some kind of reply.

3. Scheduling

It’s a 24/7 world, and if your customers are up when you aren’t, it’s nice to schedule a few posts for their benefit.

You can schedule up to a year in advance, and also bulk import tweets.  There is a science to social timing. A recent study showed that properly timing your tweets will lead to a 200% click through increase.

4. User Controlled Mass Unfollow

It’s very important to say “user controlled” because Twitter frowns upon any sort of automation in this respect. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it easy for yourself.  With MarketMeSuite you can populate an entire list of who is not following you back and decide to dump or keep.

A handy feature is that if there’s someone who has no hope of following you back (like @oprah), but you enjoy reading their posts, you can whitelist them so they stop showing up in the unfollow list.

5. Auto DM

This is a feature to be used with care. While it’s not always appropriate for individual accounts, it’s a huge help for business accounts to send a “hey, thanks for following me, and here’s a link to my blog…”

You can cycle through different messages, and turn them on and off as you need. Think of it as an extra little push to get your customers to engage with you outside of Twitter. Be sure to track replies though! If someone thanks you for it, send a real time DM acknowledging it.

Check It Out

There are a lot more than 5 features, there’s well over 30, but this is to give you an idea of what you may have been missing! And trying it is easy, and free. You can grab MarketMeSuite and be up and running in about 3 minutes.

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