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TweetAdder: Simply the Fastest Way to Manage Twitter Accounts

TweetAdder Review

I bet you are looking for an easy and working way to increase your Targeted Twitter Followers Fast. So, I am going to tell you what i think about it and why I recommend using a Twitter management tool like Tweetadder in this review post, so let’s discuss a little about what both sides of the coin says about automation and social media management!

Some social media savvies think that numbers doesn’t matter if it’s just numbers, what’s the benefit of having 1000s who are following you on Twitter if you don’t actually know them or engage with them. Some other people have a different opinion, they don’t see the Twitter followers number as whatever number, simply they can see what’s beyond that, they can see the business opportunity in the followers number.

I think that both opinions are right!

Let me explain! I think no one is wrong, also no one is 100% right when it’s about social media and online business!

Trust me on this, every successful blogger or internet marketer has a little secret, normally no one will share her/his secret with you if you ask them, so you must discover it by your own, and that’s why social media is a self experience! You learn it, you gain it, you profit from it! So, you must do it yourself, at least for sometime to know if the number of Twitter followers could mean anything to your business!

Update: TweetAdder 4.0 is available for download, check our my TweetAdder 4.0 Review.

TweetAdder Review

TweetAdder – Find and Engage in Like-Minded Twitter Followers

TweetAdder is probably the best Twitter management software out there, it’s a fast and easy way to automate Twitter promotion and Marketing, here some things you can do with it:

Why you need Twitter Followers?

Personally, I hate automation, especially when it’s about social media, specifically about Twitter and increasing Twitter followers! I used to do it manually all the time! But then, I realized that a little of automation won’t hurt, it’s actually good idea!

But why you actually need to have more followers on Twitter? Simply because this number is an indicator!

You see, my blog gets a lot of traffic from Twitter, I actually make money from Twitter, I even do Sponsored Tweet via BuySellAds. The number of Twitter followers is important in my case! But I still deal with followers automation carefully, I don’t try to abuse the system and cross the red lines, anyways who hates to have a lot of followers on Twitter!

In my personal experience, you won’t be able to engage with 1000s of people that are following you on Twitter, I am here assuming all of people who follow you are actually engaging with you on daily bases (this is why businesses hire social media managers). But I think you case is different, here we talk about small level of interaction and engagement, with some little management you actually can engage and make use of that number. Twitter is very powerful if you focus!

Try TweetAdder

Update: TweetAdder 4.0 is available for download, check our my TweetAdder 4.0 Review.

At any case, you don’t have to follow me unless you want, you actually don’t have to listen to what I say unless it makes sense to you! The good thing is TweetAdder has a demo version with full functionality!

Try TweetAdder

Try out Twitter Adder by setting up the demo version of their application, the Tweet Adder demo is fully functional and has all features of the full version. However it’s only limited by using a single twitter account and limited number of follows, unfollowes, tweets and messages. After all, it’s a good start!

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