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Top 10 SEO and Marketing Tips from MMO Social Network


Being busy with our hot Guest Blogging Contest, I didn’t had a chance to promote our MMO social Bookmark site recently, so.. here I am picking some useful links from inside the network and share with you today, I usually promote article submitted to MMO Social Bookmark by tweeting them using our @FamousBloggers Twitter account which has more than 3000 follower right now, and I also visit those posts whenever I have a chance to read and add comments.

So, I would love to meet more active members submitting their links so I can do more promotion for them, and by the way, James of Evolutionary Designs contacted me and give me a great feedback about our Google AdSense share revenue system we are running on MMO social bookmark site, and he think that opening links on a new window from the main page of the network is not a very good idea for sharing revenue system site, as this will not give a chance for the site visitors to see member’s ads, and also reducing pages and ads impressions.

I was thinking that this way will drive more traffic for the promoted links on the main page, but after hearing this opinion I completely agree with James and I will very soon change that again to the previous settings, so now when someone clicks on the promoted links at the home page it will open the submitted page and from there they can jump to the original article, thank you James for your great feedback.

All this will lead to not making any money from the site, although it’s still new site and need lots of hard work and time and ranked higher, I am so sure it will get some rank by Google on the next update, so the ideal way to keep visiting our Making Money Online social network is to submit your links which will give you backlinks, get promotion by my side as I tweet all submitted links, get promotion here on FB blog.

Top 5 SEO picked posts

Top 5 Marketing picked Posts

Scribe SEO for WordPress

Talking about SEO and Marketing I would like to remind you that I recetly came across Scribe SEO Content Optimizer plugin for WordPress, it a highly recommended plugin for those who want to learn SEO and at the same time optimize their blog posts, I have wrote a post with some more details and screen shots about Scribe SEO optimizer that you might link to read.

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