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Scribe SEO content became the official SEO plugin for FB Guest Blogging Contest

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Everybody says SEO is easy and it’s not difficult, I don’t know about you, but for me understanding SEO search engine optimization was a little hard and I was confused on the beginning, and it was still the same after reading tones of SEO tips articles, I don’t know why but it seem that my mind was lazy a little bit and needed to be refreshed some how for better SEO concept understanding.

Do you really understand SEO

After reading about search engine optimization a lot, I was still not getting the whole idea, and I was not able to understand what I should do to customize my blog posts for SEO!

Even they say that WordPress + Thesis do the 95% SEO work for you, but I still having a doubt about the 5% that I am not able to understand, and I am missing!

Last week, I was working on my blogs very late at night, and when I say late this probably means 4 or 5 am, I got an email telling me about Scribe Content Optimizer software from Thesis guys, and this is what they say:

WordPress + Thesis + Scribe = 100% SEO Blog

Scribe, SEO, and our Guest Blogging Contest

After receiving that email from Thesis Theme guys, and because I was planning to run our Guest Blogging Contest, and also because there was an offer to get Scribe SEO Advanced membership for only $27 and I can do 300 evaluations/ month and this price will be my friend if I renew latter, so it was just on the right time for me to get it and give it a try to make everything perfect on our contest. The good thing is I was completely right about it, I now can give optimize all contest entries using scribe plugin, so let me tell you about what happened with me latter, but first I want to quote something about the meaning of the word Scribe!

What is the meaning of Scribe?

From the Wikipedia: A scribe is a person who writes books or documents by hand as a profession and helps the city keep track of its records. The profession, previously found in all literate cultures in some form, lost most of its importance and status with the advent of printing. The work could involve copying books, including sacred texts, or secretarial and administrative duties such as taking of dictation and the keeping of business, judicial and historical records for kings, nobility, temples and cities.

Cool to know that! And now let’s go back to work..

My Article SEO before 🙁

Before I started to use Scribe to customize my blog posts for search engines, I decided to do my same regular SEO work exactly like the way I used to do it before getting publishing my posts, so I started to add my text, links, keywords, description, tags… etc. exactly the same way I used to do it, and the result as you can see above, my article was a miss!

SEO additional tweaks and one more evaluation

OK, that it much better, I followed the roles but it seem need some more work, let’s do it and finish with this SEO thing

My Article is 100% SEO Happy 🙂

After using the plugin for optimize the same post and following the notes and advices, I made my article 100% SEO optimized in no time at all, everything looks great now 🙂

So now I decided to continue with their service and I was trying to find an affiliate program for it, but…

The only thing I didn’t like about Scribe

The only thing I didn’t like is that it has no affiliate program, I hate it when I see the “Affiliate coming soon” thing, Anyways.. I decided to contact them and ask for available affiliate as I can see it’s importance for affiliates marketers, and I was amazed that they contacted me in no time and send me a special link to sign up as an affiliate for scribe, and this is was awesome.

Scribe affiliate program

So, I got my affiliate today, but I am not going to ask you to buy a membership or pay for it, all what I am asking is that you take a closer look to find out how Scribe works for you, and then it’s up to you to decided whether to use it or not.

If you are using Scribe SEO software or you are thinking to use it, why not share your thoughts about it?

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