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MMO Social Network increasing Traffic by Opening Promoted Links in a new window on the main page

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Most of social bookmark sites don’t open the links to original articles on their front page, and this actually reduce the amount of traffic that your blog possibly can get, so I have done some changes to the links on the main page of Making Money Online network to give you more exposure when your links reach the main page which will certainly drive more traffic and visitors to your blog. So let me show you how the new changes will work.

Here we go…

How many Votes before appear on main page

This is what I want to share with you all and get some opinions, I was changing the number of necessary votes to get link to appear on the main page of MMO social network, I was between these options:

8 votes

Some time ago I set this number to 8 votes before the link appear on the main page as a promoted link, and this makes the home page looks great with the votes more than 8, but from the other side to get your link to the front page of MMO social network probably you will take more than one week regarding our limited number of members as it’s still a very new bookmark site.

3 votes

maybe not bad but the front page sucks with all these three numbers allover the page, and also the links won’t stay on the home page for longer time as the new promoted links is pushing them down and hiding them more faster!

4 votes

After a few tests I found that 4 votes seems to be the ideal to go a long with our number of members, it keeps the links on the main page and give chance for more exposure and of course more traffic!

MMO network opening links in a new window

The new technique of opening the links to a new window immediately from the front page will diffidently enhance the amount of traffic to the links on MMO social network home page, and this will give you an idea on how this will work with the vote button while it’s on your blog:

  1. Setup the vote button
  2. Submit your links to MMO network
  3. Retweet your submitted link page (optional)
  4. Get more votes
  5. Appear faster on the home page
  6. Get more traffic to your blog

MMO network needs more members and votes

On my last post about MMO Social Network I was trying to promote and mention our Top Referrals members, and encouraging you to use the new MMO WordPress voting button plugin, and the MMO Top Stories WordPress widget plugin on your blogs, and oh! We have also a few nice promotion banners if you like to add to your blog sidebar, as this will be something to consider while promoting our members on our coming posts.

So, now you maybe have a better reason to install one of those two plugins if not both of them, the voting button helps the MMO social network a lot to get new new members, and from the other side it’s the way to get more traffic to your blog from the network if there is more members who submitting their links, I believe you understand this part, so I am not going to explain how this works in details, but I just want you to know the advantages of spreading the word out about our network will help me lots to keep supporting all members, and make sure that MMO social network will pay back all the good work.

Join MMO Social Network

Register your account now to MMO social network and bookmark site and start submitting your links now to get some DoFollow backlinks and new visitors to your articles. And by the way I retweet almost all submitted links and some times I retweet the original links trying to drive more visitors to your articles, so don’t forget to follow us @FamousBloggers to keep in touch.

Don’t forget to share your ideas, and impressions with us, and stay tuned as there is so many tweaks on the way, and I am sure you will love it.

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