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Top 10 Referrals on MMO Social Network, Site Stats and Review

mmo network stats

As I always promise to promote members of MMO Social Network for their activities on the the site, I am today pointing to the top 10 members who derived the most direct traffic to MMO network since it was a live by adding MMO vote Button, Top Stories Widget and/or posting about it. I will also give you some more information about the network stats.

Maybe you know that we now have a WordPress plugin that you can install on your blog to display MMO voting button with out having to edit your theme files, I encourage you to use the MMO vote plugin if you need more control of how the button is displayed on your blog, I also designed the plugin to NOT show the voting button on the main page of your blog, so you can only show it on posts and pages, this is to reduce the load on the server, and I think I will make this available in the coming releases of the plugin and give it more options after moving to a new dedicated server, as I am planning to enhance the site performance and give it more speed.

Voting button or Top Stories widget?

Both are great ways for promotion, and the good thing is we have plugins for both, the Voting Button and the Top Stories Widget, and both of the plugins are fully customizable to give you the best use, and specially the top stories widget, it’s pretty cool and easy to use, and you can simply change it’s colors to match your blog theme, and also decided which category you would like the widget to show, means more control. You can choose a category depending on your blog niche.

Top 10 referrals on MMO Social Network:

I want to thank you all for being active on the MMO Social network, and also for promoting the network by displaying our voting button and widget., I will be checking to give you more promotion to your blogs, sharing your posts as much as I can, more tweets and retweets when ever there is a chance.

MMO Social Network stats

Here is I am giving again some stats about our network and bookmark site,

How you can promote MMO Social Network

You know that MMO social network is still new, and need some help, so I would like to ask my friends to write a very short review about the social network, and publish it on your blog.

I just need a honest opinion, advise and I really need to know what you think about it so far, so I wrote below a simple 4 questions to help you writing your review, and it’s really very important to me and I will appreciate it so much if you do it for me:

  1. Do you like the way MMO network works?
  2. Do you blog get any traffic from it?
  3. Are you making any money from our AdSense revenue sharing system.
  4. What other features you would like to see?

You have no idea how much this is important to me, it will change the way I look to this project, so plz make it a very HONEST review and straight to the point, it’s not going to upset me if you say you didn’t like it, or it worth nothing.

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