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Role of Motivation in Blogging

Blogging and Motivation
How to Motivate Yourself to blog? Do you know how to ? Scientists have used different theories to explain Motivation. In this post, we would be discussing about the theories of motivation and on applying them to your blogging career.

What Is Motivation ?

Motivation allows us to explain why we live. Motivation is the reason why we do things. Behind each and every actions of ours is the mysertious thing called “Motivation”. Motivation Motivates You.

Blogging and Motivation

Blogging and Motivation? Huh? What? Motivation is the reason why you are reading this. Motivations is the reason why you are blogging. Motivation explains everything.

Learn to Motivate Yourself

For this particular situtation, we would be using Incentive theory. Incentive theory basically means the same as its name ; You get rewards. We will be o nly using part of this theory which can also be called as Extrinsic Motivation.

What is Extrinsic Motivation ?

Extrinsic Motivation states that you do something for a reward (Good or bad – But in this case we will go for good). For example : You blog becuase you want to make money.

Think About Your Goals

Think about why you started blogging. Thinking about the money you could be making. When you are in the depression stage of blogging, think about your goals. They will help you to continue. (Depression stage refers to a stage in which you don’t achieve the expected results). You goals will help you to sat on task. Money-Making can be considered as a good incentive especially when you are in need of money (Everyone in the world needs money, I know). If your goal is to make some cash, then you can use it as a good incentive, But try not to focus on money ; Too much focus can results in poor content productivity.

Think About other Rewards in Blogging

Fame. Yes, fame is the thing people want. You can get really famous through your work in the blogging world, but you need to have some “excellent” content. You should have a good CP (Content Productivity)

Bad Motivation

Motivate Yourself to blog. I agree on that but be careful. Its ok to use blogging as your motivating factor. But be careful since Money can make you go blind ; You will lose  your focus. You will start to write less quality articles. To create the best content. you need to focus on the visitors/people. You need to care about them. When you do you will be able to achieve great deeds.


I don’t think there is a word called “Anti-Motivation” but for now this is our term for danger. When you don’t get expected results from blogging, you may feel depressed ; You may “demotivate” yourself from blogging. You may abandon your blog. Abandoning is a common thing in the world of blogging. Abadoning in blogosphere usually occurs at the beginning of your blogging career ; When you are a newbie. The first periods of blogging are the worst and hardest. It is the time when you don’t know anything ; It is the time when you don’t have any experience with blogging. When you don’t get enough results in this stage, You will feel really bad. I know this because I have experience it. At one time, I even felt like abandoning my blog. But I didn’t. I decided to stay. I knew that I could conquer new heights if I had determination and patience. Many of the bloggers today has these two qualities : Determination and Patience. These two qualities motivated me to blog. If you are a newbie, I advise you to form goals, use it for your good.

What does this Mean ?

This mean so much. Motivation allows you to blog. Motivation is a sense creates your passion to blog. Motivation is the basic structure of your blogging career. Agree it or not. Motivation is. You as a blogger can be motivated knowingly or unknowingly. Sometimes other motivate us. Many bloggers have inspired me to write high quality articles. They have motivated me to continue. After all, We are living because of our motivation to live. Motivates make us do different things. Anyway, Its time to wrap up this post. My purpose was to introduce the idea of Motivation to you. And I think I have done a good job. Do you think so? Let me know of Your opinion.

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