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The Business Mindset The First Law of Success

Business Mindset

I have spent  most of my life in the off line world of business.  Having worked with billion dollar business, multi million dollar business and most online business I think  have found the answer to why most people aren’t successful.  Now bear with me for a minute while I talk about something that won’t immediately make you money because it is very important to your future.

The mindset that you bring when you start any business is the most important factor that you have complete control over.  Creating a business online requires the same mindset that any business does.  It doesn’t magically change the laws of the universe just because you use an http or  dot com in your name and address.  The same rules apply on Main Street and on Dot Com avenue.

So what are these magically mystical rules you may ask?  Let’s walk through just a couple of them.

The first one may take a second to get.

The Law of Obviousness – Nothing happens until something happens.

Let that sink in for just a moment. In the real world we understand it right. You can sit an watch a basketball all day long but it won’t suddenly jump up and start bouncing. Something has to impact it.

My formal education is in engineering. One of the concepts that hit me very hard was inertia.  Most people think of inertia as the force that keeps us from moving. Yet in reality inertia is the force that keeps us in our current state.

A moving car has a ton of inertia. It wants to keep moving.  Friction with the ground, the moving parts, and even the air slow it down. Outside forces stop it.

Now a stopped car also has inertia. If you have ever been stuck in a ditch you know this all too well.  Trying to push a car out of ditch takes a ton of effort. Getting it started is the hard part.

That applies to business as well!

Earlier today I was on a forum where a member laid out a pretty detailed plan on how he built his business. Not a step by step blueprint by any means but an over all guideline that he has followed faithfully for 3 years to build his online business. It was obvious from his mindset that he was a business person using the internet as his medium.

Most of the people asking questions showed their mindset as well.  That of inertia.  Before getting started they wanted full details.  Specifics on every step.  Guarantees of success.  Push button wealth.

Have you seen products that claim to deliver those?  They usually come from huge launches with tons of affiliates.  Because people buy them…. and buy the next one… and buy the next one.  The issue is they don’t execute it.

Before you begin the journey to building a business using the internet, make sure you understand what you are getting in to.

It is a business!

Your effort, time, creativity and energy will make it what it is.

There is no push button success

You will have to do something. You will need to become proficient at a lot of things. Most of that comes through doing rather than talking.

To be in business you simply need a way to deliver value to someone. That’s how you generate a profit.

There are lots of different models you can use.  All of them can work.. but only if you work.

Every business I have owned or worked with had one thing down pat.  They didn’t treat it like a hobby.

Start with the right mindset. If you want to see one of the coolest videos I have ever seen you can click on business motivation speech to see it.

It could be the best few minutes you have ever spent.  And at the fantastic cost of free 🙂

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