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How I Promoted my Drupal Design Bookmark site through BuySellAds

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Using advertising for promotion is something that I highly recommend, I always like to share my experiences by example to make things clear, especially when I got good results in my journey of discovering the internet business and online marketing world.

I am going to talk about how I started my site and promote it through BuySellAds advertisement network, and got my new site running in no time by buying the right advertising banners spots to promote my site and spread the word about it.

DesignGizer.com is a new project of mine, I developed this site as a social bookmarking site for designers, so basically it’s about design tips, tutorials, showcase and news. I also created a simple design blog that too much connected with the bookmark site.

I had more than one reason to start a new design bookmark site

Let me share a few of my reasons to start a new design bookmark site with you:

Is it easy to Start a Social Bookmark site?

The fast and simple answer is “NO!”, it’s not easy as you might think, and a lot of people think that with because social bookmarking CMSs platforms like Drupal or Pligg are available free, and with little experience they can setup and start a new site in no time, then they have one of the best social bookmark site out there! it’s not really that simple!

Managing a social bookmark site is a a real nightmare! this is the fact that no body realize when they start their own new social bookmarking sites! as they will need to promote it, tell the world about it, find wasy way for new members to register to the site, and then do some good promotion for their member’s content to keep them coming!

I don’t know about Pligg, I find my self more attracted to Drupal and the Drigg module, although Drigg support is abandoned since long time back, but it still working, and I have the motivation to use it on my projects whenever there is a chance!

How I promoted my site through BuySellAds?

It was super easy, and I started to get new members to the site from the first day of placing my banners on design sites, I picked (as I remember) about 5 sites and design blogs from the BuySellAds network to place my ads, I even bought a big banner ad spot for more than 3 months at TheWebBlend.com as it’s all about design, and from there I got a lot of new members almost everyday registering to my site! I didn’t even published a single blog post to promote it since that time, and this is probably the first post that spotting this site and my experience with promoting a new site using BuySellAds network.

Being a member of BuySellAds network allowed me to understand how to price my banners ads to them sold more easier, and probably playing the role of advertiser was the best part of this experience!

You are invited!

If you like design, looking or inspiration, blogging about design, or want to create list posts related to design, visit DesignGizer.com and join the site, it’s freaking easy as I am using a special module that allow you to register using your social media IDs, like Twitter and Facebook, WordPress and even LinkedIn!

Start taking a tour in the site, submit your design articles, and the system will tweet it out for you automatically, and this is not all, I will even tweet your work through several Twitter IDs of mine!

Go, get some design promotion and Energize your Design 🙂

Is there any recommended read?

Indeed! since you already here, I recommend you read these articles I wrote before about online advertisements:

And.. Tell me..

Do you have any good experience with internet advertising? plz share!

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