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My Personal Experience with BuySellAds

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Today I am going to talk and review BuySellAds.com in my own way, and I am going to tell you how the quality of BuySellAds service changed my mind and turned me to be BSA advertiser instead of being only a publisher, and this is the first time I like advertising company that much to feel advertise on their network specially after getting two ad slots sold on FamousBloggers blog, and I started to realize it’s a buy sale ads, not a sell buy ads network.

This network helped me to increase my blog income, and I highly recommend them.

With BuySellAds you are the Boss

On the first couple of hours of getting my FamousBloggers blog approved for publishing advertisements, I started to look a round and check each part of BuySellAds.com, adding ads blocks to my blog, and reading a few articles on BuySellAds blog to get more information and understand the whole idea.

I realized that this is the right place for me to sale ads on my blog, but like everyone trying a new service, I was not so sure that someone will buy advertisement in a short time, so I was checking the website twice a day to update my blog stats, and each time I visit I get amazed, it’s so easy to get the code, it’s even fun to style it the way you want after they upgraded to the new ad code and added new features, I didn’t even need to contact support even once till now, although I can see Todd Garland active on BSA blog and I can contact with him at any time through the comments.

How I turned to be an advertiser on BuySellAds

More days passed and I am still visiting BuySellAds network everyday, and each day I think of it’s name I feel something weird, why they did NOT name it Sell Buy Ads? Mmm there must be something worth to think more about it, the network name is “Buy” Sell Ads, this sound “Buy”, it’s not “sell buy ads”, OK! I got it now, I must think from the other side of the world, and pretend to be advertiser and see how things are, and.. Oh my God! A lot of powerful tools, amazing huge directory, power control for advertisers, it’s even much more power and information than publishers gets, well.. they are the people who are spending their money on the ads network, and this made me think!

Advertisers gets all information they really need to know about a website before buying ads, BSA has an amazing web ad directory with a huge list of websites, and very cool features that helps you to pick up the right website to advertise on.

I brought the first ad on BuySellAds

I decided NOT to get out of BSA today with empty hands, with out buying couple of ads, I would probably spend what I earn from selling ads inside the network to advertise also inside the network, I mean why I will go somewhere else and I have too much power here. This is it!

And to be honest I I have started writing this post before buying the ads, means I didn’t buy the ads yet, so I am going to stop writing now, I will go to BuySellAds.com, buy couple of ads and get back to you to continue writing, and tell you what happen with me. So wait for me everybody, it won’t take long 😉

Here we go! I am back from BSA (I told you 🙂

So, let’s continue with my personal experience on BuySellAds service. So, let me tell you what exactly I did in steps:

1- setting advertising budget

I set my budget, lets say $50 is what I am going to spend today on buy advertisements, and maybe this is enough to by two ads.

2- Finding the best Blog or websites to advertise on

I headed to BuySellAds directory and started to check blogs in my niche and using nearly the keywords I use on FamousBloggers blog as I think this is how I will get the best results and find the most suitable blogs or websites to put my ads on, I have added all website that I like depending on their page impressions, ranks and prices that match my budget to my Cart, so it will be easy at the end to remove those with low expectations and keep only what I think is the best publishers for my blog ads before proceeding with payment, so I ended with three websites to advertise one, and I brought three 125×125 ads with the total cost of $65 lol I really can not hold my horses and stick to my budget 🙂 there is awesome and famous blogs on the ad network that I can not resist!

3- Designing 125×125 ad image

It’s the time to add creative, and creative in the BuySellAds.com vocabulary means the ad details like the image you will use, link of your website, and the title, it’s very easy to upload the ad image and save it, the only hard part is to design the ad image and have a professional and attractive looking, I preferred to do this as fast as I can, so it toke me a few minutes playing on Photoshop to come up with a new 125×125 ad image for FamousBloggers blog. The good thing is you can update the ad creative latter whenever you have a better ad image, but I actually like this one, I mean what else I should add to it?

4- Checking out

Basically there is three options to make the payment possible for everybody, one of the options that I liked so much is to pay from your fund account at BSA, but I couldn’t do that at this time because I don’t have enough fund, so I made the payment by PayPal.

My ads are live

The coolest thing, is after two seconds from checking out and make the payment, advertisements went live, means I am done with everything now, and I have an amazing dashboard that will show me how many impressions, clicks, etc

Actually, I discovered another thing while browsing the directory, there are much more awesome benefits for those who are on the back seats watching!

BuySellAds is NOT only for advertisers and publishers

Even visitors of the network can benefit from it, just by being on BSA website for a few minutes you can find the most interesting blogs on the internet at the most high quality of content in their huge directory, ideas, freebies and much more, and this is why I am sure it’s for anyone trying to find a high quality blogs and websites. BSA network is not only for advertisers and publishers, I really don’t believe that anymore!

Is it a bad idea to talk about my Advertisers

I was surprised when Typhoon of SmartBloggerz.com brought a 125 ad on FamousBloggers blog using BuySellAds.com service, and I must say that this guy is a school you have to learn at, he is very active and doing almost every possible way on his blog that any blogger would dream to do in a smooth way, and he is only 16 years old and knows how to make the money from the internet, so compared to me, he should be a millionaire when he reach my age 🙂 and I am not saying this to keep him advertising on my blog and no body paid me or even dare to pay me to say that, so it’s all up to him, but I really like this bog and I am sure that all of you visited SmartBloggerz.com before.

Conclusion – I have to keep working with those Guys

No matter what, if I am earnings from BuySellAds.com ads from selling ads on my blog, or even if I am spending money on buying ads for my blog, I have to keep working with those awesome guys because the great work they are doing, and the other great benefits of being around their neighborhood, and remember it’s not sell buy ads, it’s buy sale ads!

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And if you are on Twitter then why not follow @BuySellAds, Todd is very active on twitter, not like the other service owners, he likes to retweet the cool stuff, I have been watching him!

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