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The CrazyEgg told me Where People Click on My Blog

The Crazy Egg

I have started to use CrazyEgg service earlier this month, CrazzyEgg is founded by Neil Patel, and I would like to share some nice information about FamousBloggers.net with our dear readers like where people click most on the blog home page according to @crazyegg , and also I am going to tell you why I removed Wibiya toolbar!

OK, so… I always wanted to know where my blog readers and visitors click on my blog, and actually the great CrazyEgg heat map is pretty cool giving me the information I need, I am only checking the main page at the moment, and I am using the basic membership, it’s for only $9 a month which is not expensive at all if you think about the benefits from it, and oh! before I forgot, @CrazyEgg people are so nice, they are on our Sponsor page, they actually sponsoring our contests for several months, so it doesn’t make sense not to try their service personally 😉

I am going to use CrazyEgg on the coming a few months to decided what parts of the blog I should modify, change or remove, and I wil be sharing with you the information if there is someone interested to know, you can tell me in the comments!

The screen shots I am going to share with you was taken 23 days back, and it preset activities on our blog during that period till today! Here you can see where people click!

Where People Click

Another shot for the nice CrazyEgg heat map:

CrazyEgg heat map on FamousBloggers.net

And my favorite, I now know where people come from and and what they do on the blog:

From Where and Do What?

From where and do what?

I will now explain some details about our blog visitors behavior and what they like to do most depending on where they come from (referred):

1- Google Referrals

They are mostly clicking on sidebar ads, and it seems they are used to search so they are using the search box again trying to find some other stuff, also they are visiting the “write for us page” and our about us page, I respect people who check the about page 😉

2- Twitter Referrals

They are following us on twitter @FamousBloggers and some of them has contacted us, clicked a few ads, and of course retweeted a few posts and only one person clicked on our advertising page 😉

3- ElegantThemes blog Referrals

I do a few comment when Nick deliver new themes, so a few visitors (exactly 50 visitors) came from my comments on @ElegantThemes blog in these 23 days, they contacted us and searched the blog specially our guest blogging contest post

4- Ben-Lang.com Referrals

I have brought an ad on Ben’s blog, and by the way, it’s one of the best ads I ever brought, so I recommend it for any one buying ads though BuySellAds. People who are reffered by this ad is searching the blog, clicking some ads, checking our advertising page, and also submit your article page (Nice! 🙂

5- TheWebBlend.com Referrals

I also brought an ad at TheWebBlend site thgouh BuySellAds, I can say it’s not a huge traffic, but it’s targeted, people who are referred clicks on other ads, and check write for us page, and do some retweets, I can say they are educated people 😉

6- BuySellAds Referrals

They know what they are doing, they head right a way to our About us page 😉 Check out BuySellAds Page maybe you will find something interesting!

Ok, that’s it for now, the other Referrals that I didn’t mention what’s below 30 visits! So I didn’t include it, and now I want to tell you about the most interesting parts and the hot areas on our blog home page according to CrazyEgg stats fast study:

What after 23 days from using CrazyEgg service?

I certainly will continue using it, I know now some modification that I have to do on the blog, some of these are:

Why I removed the Wibiya Toolbar?

First of all, feedbacks I got about the toolbar and all it’s features was great, even some of my friends started to use it on their blogs because I had 5 good reason to use Wibiya toolbar, and some of my friends are looking forward to know how thing will go, so.. now I can say that everything has advantages/disadvantages, and if you are following me you probably will know that I am always testing new stuff, getting feedbacks from our blog readers, visitors and our bloggers friend then I put this together plus my personal opinion and experience for you to decided what’s the best for your blog before wasting your time, so I am not going to say I am not against using Wibiya toolbar, and I am in love with it because it has some great futures that I am really going to miss, and I think I have god reason to remove it, and of course you don’t have to do the same, as I believe that what’s not working for me could work for someone else, it all depends how you are using it!

Here is my 3 reasons not to use Wibiya toolbar:

1- This is all good, but they simply don’t really use it, so… I am thinking again, why I will have something looks nice if people don’t really use it?! So I have decided to remove it!

2- The second reason why I removed Wibiya toolbar, because it’s annoying the CrazyEgg captured image, it’s in the middle of the page all the time, and it’s really disturbing and annoying me! What to do? CrazyEgg wins!

3- I have another reason came to me from a feedback in the comment by my friend @JohnAguiar, I will quote it here for you to see see the wisdom of a Twitter & Social Media expert:

It is a great tool for the right blogger.

Many features and it looks good. I like that you can post any message in the Notification box.. nice lil feature.

But for the blogger that wants to keep their traffic and be greedy, then this isn’t the tool for them lol I’m greedy, I don’t mind sharing traffic with the right bloggers

Thanks to John, he gave me another reason to remove Wibiya toolbar, and I will take the chance to tell you about his Crazy simple 7 Steps to promote a new post, I think we should learn from it! And .. yeah John you are right, I was thinking of your comment since the first time I read it, and that was a nice reason behind finding other more useful feature to add them to the blog, features that make people stay, I even think of integrate some coffee machine system into the comments section, I think this will keep them around for a while 😉

For example the @Anywhere that I have added to the comments section, and actually it works in the whole blog even in the post body, and now it’s more simple to follow blog visitors who comment and leave their Twitter ID with out leaving the blog, unless you want to check who is behind that Twitter account, or if you really… really want to leave the blog lol!

The good thing is Adny of @CommentLuv have updated the TwitterLink plugin, so basically TwitterLink is @Anywhere compatible now, all this makes me feel god because people interact with my posts in a great way and I am feeling that I am giving something useful to the community and not wasting my time testing those stuff!


CrazyEgg is a very cool and useful service, and I am going to use it and study those results more to enhance my blog sections and parts including it’s design and ads placements trying to put everything on the right place, I was collecting data from the main page only in the last 23 days, so I think it’s the time to go more deeper inside my blog pages and posts.

Wibiya toolbar is very nice add to any blog if you really need it and know how to use it!

CrazyEgg and Wibiya toolbar is not going together, so put in mind that you will have to remove the toolbar if you are going to use CrazyEgg

If there is anything you would like to know about, just Ask!

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