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5 reasons why I am using the New Wibiya Platform

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I was having Wibiya toolbar sleeping in the basement of my non active plugins, and today I was taking a look to the plugins trying to remove some of unused or unimportant ones, then I say let’s check what Wibiya developers was doing since I stopped using their toolbar, I am sure you will be amazed while reading this and try the toolbar!

So, let me tell you why I personally like it as a social networking tool that keeps me on my blog more often and allows me to do some useful networking tasks, then I will hear from you…

3 reasons why bloggers removed Wibiya toolbar

I remember almost all bloggers (including me) removed the plugin from their WordPress blogs, and I think the main three reasons is:

So basically, it disappear from almost blogs that I know after a few months, then no body that I know have talked about it even once again!

And, after I visit Wibiya site yesterday, and I read about the new features, I decided to give another chance, I think we don’t have to take a final decision without giving another chance, and this is what I have discovered, but don’t take my words as it’s final, the word have to be a share between all of us, and let’s give it a try and see if we like it or not, and let me tell you about the most interesting things about it, of course you can add what interest you!

It’s more Faster and Lighter

I remember that bloggers who used to install Wibiya had to remove it to speed up their blogs, and I have made a very fast search to see what people say about Wibiya, why bloggers hate Wibaiya, and why they removed it! I couldn’t find a good answer, no body talks about this, so I thought it’s a good thing to share with you the new toolbar platform,

I actually can touch the new toolbar performance, it’s much better than before, and also loading more faster, for me this much better performance than the old plugin.

More features and Applications

Wibiya developers has added a new awesome collection of applications to help you to manage your social networking busy life, and they enhanced the other old features. I am testing the performance of it and enjoying the wonderful look and feel! But that doesn’t mean I will keep it for ever, so if our blog readers and visitors doesn’t use it we will have to remove it, I mean what for I will have something no body is using it?!

1- Latest posts

I like the latest posts with thumbnails, looks so good, and probably I will be able to remove the sidebar posts, this will give me more space to breath on the blog.

2- Real-time stat

Another very cool thing is that I don’t have to add the script I was using on the footer before to indicate how many people on the blog, I like real-time stats, and I was suffering from scrolling all down the page to check it, now I have removed it and instead I will be checking who is visiting the site from the toolbar, and I also can get the stats on the page, I don’t have to jump to the Who’samung.us site unless I want to.

3- Twitter?

Of course, I am so active on twitter these days, and yeah!.. it’s cool feature, I can see the tweets of my favorite friends on the list I have created “Famous Bloggers on Twitter”, and also there an in option to see your tweets, and tweet… and more!

If you want to be listed on Famous Bloggers on Twitter list, follow us @FamousBloggers on twitter and engage!

Yeah! Some funny and nice tweets above 🙂

4- Share buttons with nice effect

What a wonderful effect, I wanted that nice long time back but I don’t want to install more celebrity plugins than we already running on this blog, and now with only one plugin I can have lots of applications and features. Probably you notice that you can share the posts just by mouse over the thumbnail image of the post, then click on “Click Here To Share” and … do it!

And this is what you will get when you click on that share link…

5- Dashboard stats… Isn’t it Cool?!

Anyways, I won’t list all Wibiya’s new features here because my server won’t handle that 😉 Also I didn’t mention the cool dashboard inside Wibiya which provide some useful information about your social networking and blog visitors and how they interact with the toolbar, so… it’s better if you check the dashboard from your account, and at the mean time just play a little with the toolbar and discover it by yourself, it’s down there 🙂

Tell me if you like, tell me if you don’t like it.. maybe I will remove it if you don’t like!

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