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Top 7 Celebrity Plugins, How to turn WordPress into a Hollywood Blog

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Could it be a Hollywood blog crowded with celebrities? Why not! After getting a good respond to our recommended WordPress plugins post which lists a few plugins we are running on FamousBloggers.net, people still wondering what other plugins is installed on our blog, so this post is about list of plugins that can turn your blog into a Hollywood blog,  yes this is the collection of celebrity plugins, which is mostly used for generating a nice communication blog tools to boost blog community and visitors activities.

Why a Hollywood blog?

When I first established this blog I was not planning to be famous or anything of that, but I was thinking how to award people who want to get some fame and enter Hollywood blogosphere, those who are exactly like me, nobody knows about them and it’s hard to hear their voices simply because they are newbies bloggers, and this is why I decided to control the “Famous Bloggers” keywords on the internet world, and I think I did, so who ever search for these terms will find our blog, will find us, and “us” means our community, so our list of top 7 celebrity plugins is all about blog community tools, comments and awarding commentators, so let’s blog Hollywood and bring the fame to our blogs.

And now, directly to the point, I hope you like our list of celebrity WordPress plugins, I personally would love your blog more if it’s using this collection of plugins, so.. see you on Hollywood baby 🙂

Celebrity WordPress plugins we Luv


CommentLuv plugin, I am not going to talk a lot about it, it’s a WP celebrity plugin service , and we are always behind celebrity plugins to discover what you might NOT know about CommentLuv. This is the most recommended and famous hollywood blog pluin.

TwitterLink Comments

Twitterlink Comments plugin is a cool plugin, it’s works like the seeds to brings all the little blue birds to our comment section, it will give you an extra field in the comment form to share your Twitter account with us, so we can easily follow you, and when we follow people we ReTweet their cool links, so don’t miss that and follow us @FamousBloggers .


KeywordLuv plugin is a plugin that rewards you when you comment on our blog by separating your name from your keywords, all what you have to do while you comment is to type on the name field your name like this “Hesham @ FamousBloggers” for example, so it will link only to FamousBloggers and will not include your name in the link, this is a very smart plugin. But we needed to be a DoFollow blog so the KeywordLuv plugin can do it’s job perfectly. using KeywordLuv plugin is like giving the right tool for the right people!

NoFollow Free

NoFollow Free, after arguing with some smart bloggers, I decided to run NoFollow Free plugin on Famous Bloggers blog to remove the nofollow tags from comment author links after they comment hard on this blog and prove they are a loyal visitors and active members of our blog community!!

My Top Commentators

My Top Commentators plugin with a DoFollow link to your page, just want to see who is on the top and famous on our comments section to give them the luv, it could be you who will walk on the red carpet of a hollywood blog.

Subscribe to comments

Subscribe to comments plugin will add a check box under comment form, it allows the commenter to follow up with comments by email notification whenever there is a new comment on the post he/she subscribed to.

WordPress Thread Comment

WordPress Thread Comment plugin is allow you to add a reply to specific comment, the cool thing about this plugin is it send automatically an e-mail notification tells you that you got a reply on your comment which keep a high level of conversation in the comments section, You also can customize the email, and oh! It has a nice ajax WordPress effect! I can not live with out this plugin.

Just an update, I don’t need this plugin anymore, I won’t go for any plugin for comments rather than the default wordpress comment system! read my post about blog comments and SEO!

Maybe you notice how much comments are so important for us, it’s maybe because we like to use comments for content creation.

I hope this post is helpful for you, and we are all the time looking forward to hear from you if you have recommendation for any useful or new plugins that you are using and would like to share with us because love to enhance our blogs and blog like celebrities.

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