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13 Famous Bloggers Administrative, Design, Blog Speed, and Mobilization WordPress plugin collection

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I got lots of emails recently from our blog readers asking about what WP plugins we are using on Famous Bloggers blog, most of them are carouse to know because they are planing their new blogs or need to enhance blog performance, and need some help to choose the right plugins, so I decided to write a this post as a start of a series posts to tell you all about main WP plugins we are using and really makes difference for our blog, we recommend this plugins for your WordPress blog.

Administrative Plugins

1- Akismet plugin comes with WordPress installations, Akismet checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not. Until now Akismet catched over 2000 spammy comment on our blog. You need a WordPress.com API key to activate it.

2- WordPress.com Stats was our choice from all the Stats plugins we have seen because it’s not slowing our blog performance or eating our hosting server resources, Automattic created this stats system, and it’s necessary for every smart blogger who cares for collecting important information about his blog posts, traffic, visitors, and want to know what his reader like to read on his blog. I actually using this plugin since I created my first blog, and here I am, still using it. Also it needs WordPress.com API key to activate it so you can use it.

3- WordPress Database Backup plugin will backup your blog database everyday just in case, isn’t it nice to receive your blog database backup right into your email box, this plugin is a blog life saver, bad things happen, so stay safe!

4- Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu is great choice if you are tired from scrolling all the way down your WordPress dashboard to edit your blog setting, check a plugin, or yeah! Edit some Thesis options at the bottom of the long WP admin page?! This plugin will bring everything on the top of your page by adding a nice Admin Drop Down Menu, you don’t have to take a taxi or spend extra money on gas anymore 😉

5- FeedBurner FeedSmith plugin detects all ways to access your original WordPress feeds and redirects them to your FeedBurner feed so you can track every possible subscriber. Are you subscribed to Famous Bloggers feed?

6- MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer plugin will save your WordPress blog from getting tagged as ping spammer, it will allow you to ping once when you publish a new post, and stop binging after that in case you needed to edit your post after publishing it.

7- Broken Link Checker plugin is your sensitive tools, you really don’t want to have broken links, search engines will not like you, and will not like your loose blog, even you will not like it when send your readers to the middle of nowhere in the internet space. Broken Link Checker is your plugin.

8- We run Delete-Revision plugin, as you may know, FamousBloggers.net is a multi-author blog, and also we are open for geust blogging, and while our contributors edit and save their posts, they leave a big amount of revisions behind, so Delete-Revision plugin delete these revision from our database, so our blog can easily lose lots of weight!

Speed up your WP V8 engine

I have to admit it, I removed lots of unnecessary plugin, I remember I did this while I was doing some blog cleaning that day, you will not believe that!

9- WP super cash plugin is retired, YES.. I have replaced it with a brand new W3 Total Cash plugin, can you feel the power of our blog speed?

Design and Usability

10- You may or may not notice that we are running Thesis theme on Famous Bloggers blog, and we managed to customize this them as much we as we could, and we work to enhance our theme when ever there is a chance. So if you are using Thesis, then you must install Thesis OpenHook plugin to have control on Thesis and embed your codes, ads, social buttons and any other code you want, with out having to edit your theme files.

11- WP PageNavi Now you can navigate through our blog, want to style it? Check how to stile your Thesis navigation page, mmm you don’t use Thesis on your blog? OK! No problem, you also need to check how to style Thesis navigation page 😉

12- And if you are asking yourself how we can show our recent posts on the sidebar, the answer is this what YD Recent Posts plugin do, it give you a very nice widget with lots of options, and also it allow you to display automatic thumbnail images.

Mobilize your Blog

13- Lots of people use their cell phones, iPhones to brows and visit blogs, your blog could be one of them, so you really don’t want to lose those visitors, and probably you would like to give the ability to brows your blog faster, this was a suggestion to mobilize our blogs, so basically you have two great options to Make Your WordPress Blog Smartphone Ready, by using WordPress Mobile Pack or WPtouch iPhone Theme.

That’s it for today

Ok everybody, we reached the end of today’s post, and I am going to tell you more about other plugins we are using on my coming posts, I hope you like this administrative, design, speed, and mobilization WordPress plugin collection.

Ford Mustang photos credit HotRod.com

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