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What is the Best Page Navigation Plugin for Thesis Themes


I have just received a question through Twitter from my buddy Harsh of ShoutMeLoud.com blogging tips blog, asking me about the new page navigation I am using on our blog and if there is any tutorial or heads up. Thank you so much for your question, and yes.. there is a head up.. a really good one.

I have talked before about How to add Page Navigation to Thesis Theme and CSS Style it using Thesis OpenHook and WP-PageNavi Plugins, but it seems people having a little problems while trying to style the WP-PageNavi plugin. Between you and me.. I myself have the same problem if I forgot something in the settings of the plugin, and it’s not working the same on all blogs that I have installed on!

The best Page Navigation for Thesis Themes

Cool, here is the exciting part, it’s Paginator, yeah.. a very nice and cool WordPress plugin called Paginator, and it’s exactly what the name says, because of the amazing scrolling effect your blog visitors can easily navigate and Paginate through your blog, I feel great using it everyday while browsing my blog because it reduced the number of clicks I had to do to reach a specific page!

Why using Paginator plugin?

How to install Paginator plugin on Thesis Theme?

Again, I recommend using the simple OpenHook plugin to make the work with Thesis theme easier on yourself, so basically we are going this code to display the paging navigation on your blog, of course we will place it in the (After Content) hock!

Get the code:

I have tested it on two blogs, here on this blog, and on my other social bookmark blog, and here is a Paginator Demo if you would like to see more.

I love Questions about WordPress

Specially when it’s about something I am already using, and when I have the right answer, so don’t hesitate to contact me by any way, shout you question out and give me another reason to blog 🙂

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