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Blogging is All About Being Passionate

Blogging Passionate

Have you ever visited the wiki page about Blog. It says that as of December 2007 ( almost three years ago ), blog search engine Technorati was tracking more than 112,000,000 blogs. Yup, you read the figure right. Of these, only some thousands turned to be successful ones. And the rest, being failures,which even include blogs that have been permanently shut down. Have you ever wondered why? Its because most bloggers lacked passion towards blogging.

Most of the bloggers had the money motive when they say ‘Blogging has been a mere hobby for them’ and they end up in quitting blogging in two month or so. Such people failed to recognize that the essence of blogging is passion. I believe when these people recognize what blogging is really and the various ingredients that constitue blogging , they would definitely generate a passion towards blogging and ultimately they would have to develop this very passion.

Blogging is a Learning Experience

Practice makes a man perfect. Its true in blogging arena too. Each blogging post is an experience, an experience to grow, learn and advance along the way to the glory awaited in blogsphere. If you are a newbie in blogging, it is advised that at-least do a post in a week. It will help you in evolving your writing style, improves your language. Finally it will help in developing strategies for increasing traffic and learning some coding.

Blogging is an Interaction

Large number of comments is certainly an indication of a good blog. But getting comments (not the short-drive by comments) is often a hard task. Once a blog earns some recognition, comments will stream in. This stream can often be alive if you have the mind to reply to those. While replying to your commenter, you should pay due respect to them as they spend their valuable time reading your post. Some comments can even help in rectifying your blog.

Blogging is Designing

Of course, all of us want eye-catching,yet simple, looks for our blog. So when you take up blogging, you can spend a few time in designing and a bit of coding. Try out various plugins, various themes, various widgets and so on. And, that means ‘Blogging is growing in technical knowledge‘ . ( My advice is that it is better to stick onto a single theme and you could try modifying it)

Blogging is Competition

Like in any other field, there are these Big guys and Small guys. Often the small guys, including me, are stunned in front of these Big blogs. Don’t just leave blogging seeing these blog giants. Remember these Big guys were once Small guys and its through persistence and hard work they attained those positions. And, remember don’t ever be too competitive. Over competition drains the beauty of the blogging art.

Blogging is Earning Money

Ultimately, blogging is a means to earning profit. But one should never be over concerned about this. It will only result in draining out the purity factor of the blog. We should always ensure that ad content displayed never over shadows the blog content. Novice ones should be just passionate while experienced ones can blog for passion and profit.


To conclude, if you realize what blogging truly is ,then you will turn passionate about it and then will begin to see ‘Blogging as fun‘. Never lose passion in your blogging career and with persistence you can surely make your  blog a huge success. In nut shell, passion is the key to blogging.

PS: This is my first entry as a Guest post. As a novice, I need your valuable comments so that I can improve myself as a blogger.

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