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How to Get More Traffic from The Twins Effect

The Twins Traffic

Every blogger chasing more traffic everyday, try to find every possibility to get more traffic, quality traffic. Traffic turn to sale or traffic turn to click or traffic turn to money, you name it! or just traffic turn to comments 😉 As Blogger, there always content and comments around us, most of us creating contents everyday, but would you leave comments everyday? The Twin, Content and Comment will bring you traffic and engage with other if treat them well.

For beginners, as always I represent my beginners friends here on famousbloggers. Traffic sometimes is so hard to find. Ten or twenty visitors is like a gift! Some blogger is already have hundred traffic for some reason. Expert already have their own audience, already have subscribers, already have their brand and credibility.

For beginners, they are too far away from brand, subscribers or else. So how beginner can get more traffic and visitors?

Don’t Forget The Twin, Contents and Comments

Blogging is about providing Content and spread the contents everywhere on the blogoshpere. What a blog without content? Become a beginner is always hard guys, but working on something we love like blogging is always fun. So let’s have fun to get more traffic.

Create Contents

Contents is always what we provide to our visitors. So what will make you engage with your visitors? I’m sure we all love good and quality contents, contents with step by step to guide us to become better blogger, contents that gave us solution, etc.

As long as your content is useful or make your visitors happy, you don’t have to worry about traffic or get more visitors, but is not that easy guys, creating good and quality contents surely take times as we need to learn more to know what our readers really wants. So doing it with fun and consistent with what you are doing and improving your content everyday is the key to your online success.

Blog Commenting

Until today, blog commenting is one of my powerful weapon to promote my blog or my article. So if you just published an article you need to promote your article. Blog Commenting is one of the effective and free way to promote your blog or article.

When your blog commenting goal is to promote your blog, you need to choose where you need to promote your article. Just a reminder, please find dofollow blogs, high Page Rank blogs,  CommentLuv blogs and KeywordLuv Blogs. Blogs with this criteria will give you many benefits if you leaving comments on your blogwalking activities like I did 🙂

Become one of the top commentator on other blog is a new trend now, as I’ve seen almost every blog provide a space to the top commentators. Chasing high traffic blog to comment will give you more chance to get more traffic especially if you are the first commenter with a high value comment.

OK, that is about commenting on other blogs, now its time to talk about commenting in our blogs. In my experiences, we need to encourage our visitors to leave comments.

I’ll talk about providing what visitors want with our blog, most commenter looking for benefits from spend some times to leave comment.

  1. Give them reward by Dofollow and CommentLuv plus Keyword plugin.
  2. Comment Management System. Please choose the best content management system for your blog. I hate went I want to left comment the comment system doesn’t worked or  long loading time or I need to log in first! Sometimes after I logged in, the comment system is fail or error! Its really made me upset! I’m not visiting a blog like that very often guys. So you must avoid Comment Management System like that.
  3. We need comment but we hate spammer. Use anti spam to protect your blog from spammer, find the right plugin to taking care these spammer.
  4. Comment Policy. Create a comment policy, so your readers know the criteria if they want to leave comment.
  5. Always Moderate Mode On. Always moderate or at least check all the comments on your blog.
  6. Always encourage people to leave comment on your article.
  7. Don’t forget to mention your commentator name when you replied his/her comment. People love when you mention their name and that is one of the way to engage with your readers. By mention their name, seems like we talk and we knew each other in person.

The Twins

The Twins, Contents and Comments works for me and I hope works for you too guys. I have high page rank and many quality links from the twin, creating contents and reward my commentators with dofollow and give the some luv with CommentLuv and going out the cage to leave comment with blogwalking activities. How about your experiences with the twin guys? Share your experiences with us here. Thanks

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