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3 Basics Every Blogger Should Know When Blogging for Money

Make Profits From Blogging

Why do we blog?! Is it for fun or profit? Blogs are a very important media tool for relaying information or for the promotion of products and services, sometimes just used for social interaction or a place to rant one’s personal feelings. Well my interest here is about earning from your blog. If you have a website it is very easy to either convert your website to a blog or simply add a blog to it, the latter the easier so you have read this far that means you are interesting in earning some form of income from your blog.

There are a few basics I believe every blogger should know

and I guess you will all agree with me!

Basic HTML

Basic HTML to me is the basic prerequisite for any blogger who is interesting in making money online, this gives the basic understanding of how to include scripts in your website and most importantly correct minor errors this will save you time, and money after all is money you are trying to make.

Content Creation

Creating Content is a very important factor which can determine the success of any blog any blogger will tell you Content is King this is what your readers want this is what helps you to rank well in search engines like Google and the others I mentioned Google here you may wonder why but Google has about 80% percent of all online searches whether you like it or not Google is king of search engines.

Getting Traffic

Every Blog needs Traffic without this your website is useless and none existing no one will know you won’t earn nothing one way of getting traffic is through back links, I recommend you read Backlinks How to get Them a brilliant article with some great tips.

Those are just some basic tips now down to the nitty gritty of why we are here in the first place making money, this can be a very long and winding process, so if you are not the person with patience plz think twice, beware of the high yield investment schemes, there are lot of money making advice on the internet, so be careful before you choose. The most recommended one is Google AdSense, this is use by most bloggers trying to make money online however if you are good at writing you can creating your own blog and write some brilliant content well optimized, and market your blog properly, and the results can be phenomenal for some great money making tips.

I would recommend reading this Post written By a trusted friend of mine and an author at Famous Bloggers Ditesco titled Making Money Online Guide this is a series so be sure to follow it or may be subscribe to his RSS feed.

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