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6 Strategies to Advance the Conversion Rate

Affiliate Marketing Business

Conversion is really exquisite in which to act as the soul in affiliate marketing business. It shows your ability either you’ll success or not to sell a product. Conversion is a process to convert costumer candidates to become a loyal costumer. There are so many ways to make it truly nicely work. Normally, the percentage figure is used as a benchmark. If there are 100 costumer candidates visiting your site, and there is only one who decides to buy, thus your conversion rate is 1%. The figure of 1% is pretty good for beginner, and it hopefully advance which accompanied by your experience and skill. The higher conversion rate you can obtain, the more money you have. That’s why we need to accentuate the conversion rate in affiliate marketing business due to how important it is.

There are at least 6 strategies to increase the conversion rate:

1. Request for a name or an e-mail

You have to ask a name or an e-mail to your website or blog visitors. Give them something worth in return. By having their name and e-mail, you can do follow-up until they become your loyal subscribers. In addition, you can convince them who more serious to buy your product continually by having it.

2. Make an Opt In Box

Definitely, you often viewing a box which you can fill with your name and e-mail if you visiting a website. It is called Opt In Box. You have to ensure it’s located beneath the headline or the subheadline, so that people will not forget to fill it.

3. Call to action

Some researches have shown that human brain give some response so much better if commanded to do something obviously. One of fatal mistake of beginner is there is no command for costumers candidates to do something that you desire. Concerning with it, you supposed to have a slight injunction for your visitor to buy the product that you offered soon. Some words such as buy now, visit now and register now are such instance that if you read it, your brain automatically will receive these commands and do it.

4. Use some visualization

For raising the conversion rate and to convince your costumers’ psychologically, use what is called an e-book cover. It’s a visual shape of complete book with the title and the image. As you know-book is a digital product which has no physical form. By displaying a visual shape, your buyers become more convince to buy. A decision to buy is not only measured by the rational way but also the emotional way. Form of the cover of the digital product which is more attractive will advance the sales ratio.

5. Attach your name and photo

By attaching your name and photo on your site, your sales percentage must be rise. Why? Because a cheater generally reluctant to display it. By displaying both of these things, your credibility will be higher. Remember that on the internet the buyer and the seller cannot interact physically and cannot converge directly. The best step to do to overcome it by put your photo, so that your costumers will be more comfortable and closer.

6. Convenience for the buyer

Make your site and your offer as simple as possible to simplify the visitor deciding to buy your product. Do not display several of beautiful animations that make your site loading too long. Most of visitors will wait about 3-4 seconds before they finally closed it. Arrange your site by make it looks like professional and regular shape. Your site similar to a shop; make it as comfortable as possible, so that customers will comfort and then buy your product. You have to ensure the costumers able to find buy now button or register button.

Conversion rate has an important role in affiliate marketing business. By following those strategies, you can raise up to 20%-50% for them who visit your site.

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