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How To Write An About Page that Tells your Visitors why they Should Listen


This is the fourth video in my new Blogging Guide, on this video I am talking about the importance of “About us” page and how to write your about page in the best form to present your site, blog, internet business or even yourself to your visitors when they want to know more about you, it’s your chance to tell them why they should listen to you.

About page is one of the most important pages for any website, I visited a few blogs that has interesting “About” pages, I have edited my blog “about” page, and before doing it I came across  a few examples of about pages to see what others put on it and get some ideas to came with this video of my blogging Blogging Guide to you, I hope it will you to enhance your about page.

I hope you will learn something from this video:

Let’s share some views

After you watch the video, let’s share some ideas and views on how your About page looks like, and what information you have added to it and it’s not mentioned on this video and you want to share with us, also I would like to hear your opinion about what was the most interesting idea that you want to add to your About page.

Here you can watch all my Blogging Guide videos. Share your views!

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