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How to Write Persuasive Content?

Persuasive Content

The purpose of this article is to help you blogging. This article may include things that yo are familiar/not familiar with.

Learn From Others

When you visit other people’s blog, try to evaluate their blog – What attracts you most ? Is it the content ? Is it the design ? Is it the use of Grammar/Language ? Try not to apply it to your blog. You heard me – Not. What I really what to say is that you must have something unique about your blog – that other blogs don’t have – May it be your writing style, may it be anything. If you find any common elements between your blog and your competitor’s, change that element (If its the theme, you don’t have it to change it necessarily).

Along with this I have to say that “Don’t copy”. No, I am not talking about plagarism. I am talking about the elements. Let memake it clear, what I mean by elements : Elements include Writing style, Use of Langauge, Placement of Ads (Yes, it does matter) etc. Don’t ever try to copy a so-called “Pro-blogger”. If you do, it will be a big mistake.

Be Yourself

Don’t be someone else. Be Yourself. Apply your elements to your blog. Everyone one of us has unique elements/Talents/abilites. Apply those elements to your blog. May it be your language, writing style. Most Bloggers always tell you to “Be Yourself”. I agree with them. BE YOURSELF. Don’t be in multiple roles unless you have Multiple Personality Disorder 😉

Talk to Your Visitors

Rather than Just writing, talk to your visitors through your blog post. Think about this scenerio : How do the advertisers in the TV make use of this tool ? They use nouns like “You” to get your attention (I am using it right now 😉 ). Example : Let’s imagine that your friend is your visitor. And you are going to tell your article to your friend. How would you tell him/her ? Think about it. Apply the elements to your article. Talk to your readers as though you were talking to your close friend. Use simple language. Use simple language in a diferrent way to persuade your readers 😉

Write Persuasively

Write attractive headlines. Write attractive body lines. Write attractive Conclusions. My advise about writing attractive headlines : Write Your Title after Your write Your Post. For Body lines: Decide what to write even before you write it. Conclusion: After you have decided on what to write, think what you are trying to accomplish, think about your goal. By Writing Persuasively, I do mean that You have to use your literary devices you learned in school. Use rhetoric questions, use GRAMMAR, Use LANGUAGE. Don’t tell me that you can’t write persuasively – Because I won’t accept it – Each of us have written atleast an essay for our English Class (Hopefully !).

Another thing to Remember

Before you actually write your post (that if after you think about what you are going to write on), think about “How one can persuade you?” (Persuade you on the article you are planning to write on). After you find your answer, apply that to your post. I ensure you. It will work if you use it well.

Write Your Thoughts

Simply, write what you think about. At this minute, you have 1000s of thoughts going on in your brain. The only difference is that You are focusing on reading this article (I hope ;)) ). Most of what I write in this post is what comes to my mind at that second. I am just writing and writing and writing. You may not get a good post at the first time. But that’s ok. Many writers from Great to small wrote “bad” drafts. Then, they edit it. Editing it will help. Edit your article after you write it. (Just like the essays you wrote in your school). Draft and Final Draft.

Think what you write about

Look at your older posts. Read them like a reader would. Evaluate your posts. Write down that things that comes to your mind after you read your old post. You can use the list to help you with writing your next Article.

Learn From Yourself

By the way, this is almost the same as the above one. Learn from your tweets. Add to your older posts. Write continuing posts. Extrapolate your ideas. Think beyond what you have written. Frame a post based on the thoughts.

Use Social Networking as a Tool

Use Twitter, Facebook, Blogengage, MMO social network site and other forums to expand your vocabulary on Blogging. Use the expansion to frame new and new article. Combine old ideas with new ones. Add your ideas to the old known ideas. Use Social Networking to frame your ideas.


I hope that my article will help you to blog. If it does, please let me know. I will be happy to know that I have achieved my goal. Use the above to your blogging success. If you use it well, you may go beyond a Pro-blogger. I wish you all success.

What do you think about My Article ? Let me know of your opinion. I wish you all the Best on your Blogging Career !

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