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3 Winning Tactics All Top Marketers and Celebrities Like Charlie Sheen Use

The Winning 3 to Become Famous!

  1. Get the audience’s attention
  2. Get people following
  3. Get people supporting

If you want to make it big as an Internet Marketing Guru these are the ways to do it!

For example, some of the best marketing tricks are done on YouTube from people whom are actors or great videographers. They know how to captivate their audience in ways which are either good or bad or just plain funny.

When Charlie Sheen got recent media attention, Google Trends went HOT and listed “Charlie Sheen Winning” as the top search term. Not to mention, he gained an extra 2 million+ Twitter fans. However, the truth is  you can make it big from scratch.

Let’s look at other examples of NORMAL people who are starting and how they began their journey and become either a celebrity or very popular in their niche:

So the moral of the story here is think of something different and get on the radar. if it’s great, people will love it and share it with their friends. It doesn’t have to be a video, it can be a blog post as well. There are countless blog posts out there that are written so well for the readers that they gather thousands of views.

If you are not as celebrity driven or a creative thinker as much as the guys that continue to dominate both YouTube, Digg, and Reddit,  I suggest you drive traffic and popularity through other means such as Google. After all, Google is the giant and indexes all of these sites. Just follow the trends see what is hot and post about it. For example when “Charlie Sheen Winning” was on the Google Trends charts, everyone started posting about it because they know this is what everyone is searching for.

This is the great thing about the online world – the possibilities are endless.

Good Luck!

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