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I’ve just got a chance to try Keyword Winner SEO Tool today, so I thought to share with you some keywords researches I did as a proof that this plugin will rock your blog pages and posts titles, using Keyword Winner research will SEO page titles, you will be able to take advantage and watch your headlines soar to the top of Google search pages, which means more traffic to your blog, which leads to earning money blogging, and even earning more money blogging!

Keyword Winner is ready, get it NOW!

I think Keyword Winner plugin will create a new level of search engines optimization competition between bloggers in same niches, once you got this plugin setup, working in your WordPress editor is something else, having a keyword suggestions tool will allow you to watch competitors drop while your site goes up!

So, here is some screen shots to keyword researches I have made to show you the results and keywords suggestions provided by the plugin, but before getting into this.. I want to tell you something very important! (Read below…)

Keyword Winner Highlighted Colors:

The plugin present three levels of competition, so you must put in mind that real low competition keywords are so hard to get, this is why the Green highlighted keywords suggestion will not show often, you must stick with the Orange highlighted suggestion as this is the ones you could have luck with to rank higher in Google. These highlighted colors presents competition as the following:

Let’s get some screen shots to check:

Blogging for Money

Some bloggers still think if they write about “Making Money” or even “Blogging for Money” they will actually show in Google search, but this is not true, not anymore, it’s really really hard to get your article, post or blog up to this Read area of Google, but what you can do it try lower keywords competition, or at least try your luck and don’t waste your SEO efforts being wishing for something will never ever happen!

Making Money - Keyword Winner SEO Research

I’ve tried the “Blogging for Money” keywords, and guess what? yes! it’s a Read highlighted area (forget about it), but KeywordWinner says that there is an Orange highlighted are in some other keywords that might work because it’s less competition! (Alright.. this is something to consider)

It’s basically the “Blogging for Beginners” as a keyword as you have to compete with less than 1,000,000 pages in Google! (Have you got the idea now?!)

Keyword Winner - Blogging for Money Keyword Research

However, there is NO Green highlighted color –road is closed– in the Earning Money Blogging area, this because everyone wants to rank higher for this particular keyword! so.. try to keep yourself a way from that if your blog has no high authority.

SEO Page Titles

Although all results are really shocking, I came across this one that could be a good keyword, it’s “SEO Page Titles“. Good keyword here means lower competition, but of course it’s not perfect as you still compete with 335,00 pages on Google to reach the first page of the search results!

SEO page titles - Keyword Winner research

I discovered this when KeywordWinner suggested “SEO Page Titles” instead of “SEO Titles”. So, I did another research to check if the keyword “SEO post Titles” has lower competition, and I was not surprised to discover it has a very high competition than “SEO Page Titles”, probably this because most bloggers focus on blog posts, not blog pages!

Searching by my own Name!

Example of Low Competition Keywords - Keyword Winner

No surprises, very low competition when I research by my own name, but you know what? Good to know there is 4,570 pages on Google has mentioned my name 🙂

And from another side, if you want to rank higher on Google, write about me .. haha (just kidding!)

It’s a matter of Time!

The more time you spend on researching and finding golden keywords, the best results you can get, I mean if you really don’t give time for this then how you expect to rank higher in Google?

Be the first to take advantage of KeywordWinner and SEO your titles!

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