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The Unconventional Guide to Niche SEO

unconventional SEO

This post is going to cover white hat backlink and traffic generation tactics that you’re unlikely to have come across. The post is aimed at beginners and those who are frustrated with how difficult it is to get traffic to their posts.

The Unconventional Guide to Niche SEO

There are many people out there who believe that building links and gaining awareness is as simple as:

  1. Creating a piece of awesome content
  2. Posting this content on social bookmarking sites and telling your friends
  3. Waiting for the traffic + backlinks to come streaming in

This is a strategy that has merit for anyone who already has a presence online, who already has followers/friends, who already has access to sufficient human capital to have some guarantee that their excellent content will receive enough traffic and interest to spread and gain backlinks.

The problem is that beginners out there looking to improve their SEO efforts and get more traffic to their niche site do not have access to a network of people who will read their posts and give them backlinks. They believe (because of misinformation out there) that once they write an awesome piece of content, everything else will follow. This is untrue for the vast majority of people.

The rest of the post will cover some techniques that you can utilize to spread that awesome piece of content without relying on a network of existing readers.

I will cover mainly paid techniques with which to give your content legs. The paid methods do not involve any back-alley transactions such as paid links and automated submissions. I will give a few quick suggestions relating to free methods, but I truly believe that the paid methods are the gamechangers where exposure is concerned.

Paid methods and resources to give your content legs

The list below outlines some awesome methods you can use to get your content out there – generating traffic and encouraging links.

Free methods to build exposure

Below are some techniques for those with no money to spend. To reiterate, the paid methods are by far the most effective exposure techniques.

Some closing thoughts

The early days of a blog or piece of content are the hardest, and the techniques I listed above are those that will help to get you to the greener grass – once you have a network of people interested in what you write or promote, exposure becomes much more natural and requires much less concerted marketing effort. Content does in fact become the king.

First though, your content must ascend the ranks, and with each ascension, more people will hear your voice. It’s stupid not to use the most powerful techniques at your disposal to get to this point. Write great content, and market the shit out of it. Give your content legs. That’s how you build links.

Using these techniques is how as a 21 yr old youngster, I can compete with the big players in the Brisbane driving school and Toowoomba driving school markets (the cities I operate in Australia).

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