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6 Steps to Transform Your Blog and Reach Your True Potential

Reach Your True Potential

Have you been doing everything right but just can’t seem to break through to blog-stardom?  To quote Albert Einstein: “Lunacy is to keep doing what you’ve been doing and expect different results.” If you aren’t seeing the growth you’re expecting relative to the work you’re putting in, it’s worth the time and effort to evaluate your blog strategy. Here are 6 ways you can finally smash through the glass ceiling and reach your true potential.

1. Review your goals

As in other aspects of life, it is beneficial to do at least an annual review of where you stand in relation to where you want to be. The topic of goal setting is too large to cover here but let me say that getting in the habit of setting goals and then spending the necessary time to develop action steps to achieve them is one of the best things you can do to bring about dramatic change. Plot your course and set sail for the blog of your dreams.

2. Let Information Fly

Increase your content while maintaining the quality and value. Start a newsletter. Tweet once more per day. Update your Facebook page. Write and offer a free ebook. Whatever you do, find a way to get in front of your readers and show them why they should trust you.

3. Cut Frivolous Ads

In the new web era, there is no longer room for obnoxious banners or stacks of text links. Now more than ever, users are less willing to tolerate digging through your site for valuable content. And when they do find what they’re looking for, obscene numberss of ads can really detract from their reading experience.

Two well placed affiliate links can often earn more than a group of banners tacked onto your site. With the enormous amount of products and stores out there to promote, finding a product to recommend within your content is easy and just plain smart blogging.

4. Embrace Transparency

Let’s face it, unless your content is phenomenal, there will be plenty of other places where your readers can go to satisfy their needs. The primary thing about your blog that makes it unique is YOU. Try and let your readers into your life by relating your article to past experience or a current event. If your readers feel they have a special connection to your blog, they will be more likely to subscribe and recommend it to others.

5. Talk to Readers

The reason blogs have really taken off all these years is that they are more than a one-sided expose – they offer a chance for readers to participate in the conversation as it’s happening. If you really want more activity in the comments area of your blog, you need to listen and respond to the commentary. There’s nothing that discourages me more when deciding whether to comment than a blogger who doesn’t appear to be listening.

6. Share Insights

It’s been mentioned here plenty of times before but it bears repeating – your blog will only grow at the pace that you grow as an authority in your niche. If you are only responding to the thought leadership of others, readers will simply subscribe to those blogs and form their own opinions. It is crucial to take the time to think critically about your niche and what you can bring to the table. Leading the conversation rather than following it is the best way to build a following, backlinks, and a reputation.

Are you considering whether the blogosphere is the right place for you? Before you give up on your blog, give these six tips a shot first. If you still need more help, it may then be time to consider signing up for blog consulting or a membership site. I’ll touch on that next time 😉

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