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Bet You $100 This Will Work: Ask Your Readers Questions.. Yeah, just like that! Simple as you read. If this doesn’t work, I will give you $100. I’m not rich or anything near that but I’m so sure this will work I want to risk my bank balance for you to try it.

What are you talking about?

This all starts a couple of days ago, I was at the usual bar with my friends having some drinks when my friend introduced me to a really nice girl. We introduced to each other, told her my name, asked her how she was and she did the same. Everything was looking good until then.

So after a couple of minutes talking about how crowded the bar was and how nice it looked because the restyled it a couple of weeks ago, I asked her what she did for a living, what her job was and if she liked it. So she started talking and I was really paying attention to her, I mean I’m not the biggest listener but I was interested so I was trying hard. After a couple of minutes of her talking about what she did I think I was kind of hoping she asked me the same. Like showing some interest on it or maybe just a reciprocal question to keep the conversation going. Guess what? Never happened, it felt like she would literally kept talking and talking and as time went on I started losing interest on her.

I mean, it seemed like she was having a great conversation but only with herself. So while she was talking I started thinking “Wow, this is kind of crazy, even thought at the beginning I felt really interested on her, now I’m totally not, What happened?”.

I know what happened and it is kind of interesting. Although I was the one talking with her, I felt like if I was not part of the conversation leading that to me losing interest. The next morning, when I woke up I started thinking about it and tried to relate it with the blogosphere. I realized you have to ask the reader for their opinion, what they think, what they would change about it, how they felt. Resuming it, make them feel a part of the conversation. Because we know what happens if you don’t. Happened to me and can happen to anyone.

Ask Your Readers: Make Them Feel A Part Of Your Blog

We as bloggers and also readers, should encourage each other to give our point of views, our perspectives. It’s a simple equation, the more questions you ask your readers, the more they seem to get involved with it. Why? Because when they feel a part of it, this makes them jump onto your blogging journey, it will make them feel a part of the conversation.

Questions To Encourage Your Readers: What Do You Think?

We sometimes ask this when we finish a post and I think that’s just great because when people are reading what you wrote, they are actually thinking about it and by asking you can encourage them to take some of those thoughts into comments.

What Do You Feel?

How did they felt reading what your wrote, what kind of impact does this have on their lives. Most of the times, this is one of the most encouraging questions, because asking what you think is something completely apart from What do you feel?”. This comes to something more personal, like making a bond with the reader. Give them the chance to tell their story, their personal experiences or even just an example of their lives which may reflect on the topic. Caring about what they feel and how they felt it.

What Can You Add Up?

Give your readers a chance to disagree with you. And it’s not really disagreeing because they can actually add something up to the topic which may be useful for others. Ten perspectives are way more important than just one. Constructive thoughts or comments. How would you have done this post? Would you have tried to cover this topic a different way?

Tell them about what You Been Working On?

This is just vital, people spend so much time on personal projects, blogging projects, pretty much any project. Telling them to give you or all the audience a heads up it’s a noble thing to do. Giving them a space to share and talk about their things, their stuff.

Final Thought

I think it all comes down to make a bond with the readers, let them now you are there hearing what they have to say and showing them you are not some just machine writing content. And also, of course I would love to hear what you have to say so these are my questions, What would you ask? How would you encourage your readers?

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