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You’re only as Good as Your Comments

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Bloggers always like feedback in the form of comments to satisfy their constant need for attention. It gives them a feeling of being noticed and having an online presence. It shows that their hard work is really paying off and they are finally getting appreciation for their work.

All this happens when readers leave quality comments.  Some readers have forgotten the art of commenting. They forget that bloggers want true, straight from the heart feedback and not some manipulated or super quick comment. The goal of comment should be either to give a suggestion to the author, appreciate their work or maybe even correct him or to ask a question that the reader might want to ask.

In all comment can be treated as a forum to discuss between like minded people and people who want to learn something new.

As I said, there are good comments and there are bad ones. I think comments are a true reflection of a person’s personality and attitude. What you comment gives us bloggers a preview of what you are as a person.

I would like to share some comments that are quite frequently seen in your comments folder:

Thanks for the Post

Comments like “Thanks a Lot”, “Very Helpful”, “I’m very grateful” all come under this category.

These are the most popular comments on the blogosphere. They are popular among commentators because they are easy and they apply for every blog (not dependent on the kind of article) and they are usually not caught by spam assistants like Akismet.

What commenters think that these comments will show the bloggers that they like really liked the article and they are grateful for it. But, Bloggers on the other hand, think of it as the commenter is saying “Hey I am a very busy person or I don’t think your blog is very important or interesting, so I saved my time and I wrote this quick and lousy comment”.

So, you see, the whole motive of impressing bloggers with a quick and appreciative comment has completely backfired.

Rarely, these type of comments can work, but, the people who are in a habit of commenting like this are the ones who are really lazy or don’t care a damn about your blog.

Just for links

There are commenters who comment just for the link love. They write comments to get seo benefits (either for their website or for link building or for their link building services) and they don’t add value to the commenting stream. All they care about is their business and this shows that there are really selfish people.

I am happy to give people links if they try to add value to the comment stream, but these people are only there to grab some link love for our site and escape.

Thankfully, we can get rid of these people by using comment spam control plugins.

Negative Comments

Negative comments are bad but I think it is still better than the comments I mentioned above, because at least they read the article and gave their feedback. The only problem with negative comments is that they can get pretty murky and hence, it might lead to verbal fights and spread hatred.

I think that these type of commenters forget that building an online presence requires you to handle each of type of situation properly. If you think that you didn’t like the article. You write your opinion and that’s it. If you see a fight in the making, you should leave the place for good.

Good Comments

Save the best for the last. Every blogger loves comments.  It is not about the words but the thought that counts. A good comment can be two lines long or it can be a paragraph long or be equivalent to an article. But good comments have two benefits:

The blog-o-sphere has changed dramatically in the past decade but one thing has not changed: Blogger’s love comments – comments are which are frank, comments which are real and are straight from the heart.

The impact of a good and informative comment can be huge. This is regarding #3 point I had mentioned. I had submitted an article about google wave that why it has failed and I had received an informative comment which was against the whole idea. The comment changed my opinion and after that I did an article named “Google Wave – Is there any future” that showed his personal experience with google wave and how he and his band were able to collaborate easily via google wave.

So, you see, comments can lead to building up of a collaboration or an article or maybe an awesome relationship and that is the whole point of it.

Now is the time to share your experiences as a reader.

What type of comments do you love to hate? What type of comments make you happy?

Share with us your unique experience with unusual comments too!

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