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The Beauty of Blogging

The Beauty of Blogging

The majority of the bloggers here at FamousBloggers.net have been blogging less than 5 years.

For those like myself, who have nearly twice that time, it has been an unforgettable experience.

I have heard the stories of people who just did not try enough and thought they did everything they could to become a great blogger.

I have seen a lot of sites that:

However, they failed in the point of putting a site out there and it came to one thing:

Engaging With People

It is funny and true. You can have a crappy designed site and still get ahead. There are plenty out there that do, but the people behind those sites are as good as gold with people. I tend to get inspired by such people who do what it takes to keep the conversation alive. In doing so, a site can never die, even if moved to some cool domain name later on. Your visitors loyally follow when you have taken the time to talk with them. This includes visiting them and participating in the community.

This is the beauty of blogging. This is how businesses are becoming closer to their customers and how some people are becoming better friends than those friends who are easily seen in person.

Years ago, it was forums and chat rooms that ruled the scene. Yahoo! never got the concept and even removed Yahoo 360 and GeoCities… both were great tools in pioneering the way for early bloggers and site owners.

If you ever get down about your site, remember… go back to the basics and re-kindle the conversations with people through blogging. You are the one that makes or breaks your site.

What do believe in that makes blogging a beautiful thing to do?

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