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Shhh 3 Part Secret to Online Business Success

Online Business Success

Before I begin really sharing some outrageous yet funny posts here, I want to establish some foundational thinking. I have had clients spend thousands on programs and courses. The sad part is that many refused to follow the law of simplicity. The law of simplicity online states that you do what you love, are most talented in, and helps others for a price. Please understand that you can buy a million online programs, courses, and books. I am not knocking that we all do. But if you chase a dollar you will lose ten.

Then there are those people who join a million coaching programs and travel around the world to every major blogging event. They keep busy at being busy. Sort of like one of those $30,000 rims from the Pimp my Ride TV show. Rims spin in circles yet take you nowhere. The tires, on the other hand, will take you anywhere you need or want to go.

The PTA rule keeps you from being a fool

PTA is an acronym for Passion, Talent, and Audience. If you don’t have those, you have nothing. Chase the money and you FAIL. The DNA of any authority, blogger, or online business is their ability to identify their unique selling proposition. You discover your unique selling proposition by uncovering your passion, talents, and audience. Now, here is where it gets a little ironic (and funny). You already know the first two, and your competition is waiting to deliver the third.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I am climbing in your library brain and pulling out your top files for passion and talent. Lastly, we are going to go thank and spank your competition. I will explain exactly what all of this means in detail below.


Passion is what you are more than likely doing now for FREE. One of the biggest things people tell me is that it is hard to find their passion. Even some famous GURU’s have told me that. I flat out disagree. I am going to prove how easy it is right now, because I am going to help you find your passion within minutes. First open up a text document or grab a pen and paper. I want to show you whats already in your brain.

Now I want you to list  (3) of your favorite movies, songs, and foods. The stuff you LOVE. The songs you sing like crazy or the movies you have watched a million times. Now, I know what you’re thinking:

“But Darren, I can’t make money from those things.”

Really? Hmmm that’s funny, because movies, music, and food are all billion dollar industries. The problem is that our society has educated us to get A’s in school. Instead “A” understanding of how to apply what we know. Dig inside of your love for something. Have you noticed that you can’t stop talking about it to your family or friends? Well, remember if content is king online then your passion will fuel a major amount of content creation.


Hey, has a stranger ever told you that you’re good at something? That’s an unbiased opinion. I want you to list 3 to 6 major talents you have. The main talents you want to focus on are the ones that are easy to do. See, the easy talents will allow you to get paid faster and at a higher rate. Think about the pilots that are paid top dollar. Their earnings are based on their talent and performance which creates their value.

We could care less about how well a pilot scored in calculus or other dynamics, unless it is tightly aligned to not crashing the plane!


The difference between you selling and selling NOW is immediacy. You need to find an audience that has an immediate need for a solution. Here is a little niche marketing secret (OK, it is not really a secret, I am just amazed how many people don’t know this). Instead of searching for a major niche like “Honda Cars” search for “Honda Cars for Generation Y in (name city or region here)”. The more specific you are the more problems you will discover. And trust me, thats a good thing. Here is where thanking and spanking your competition comes in, because you have to pinpoint your competitors.

You want to find them so you know if that niche is making money online. Also you want to learn from their mistakes and differentiate from them. That is why you want to thank them. Obviously the spank part comes in when you end their hopes and dreams by taking their customers.

“But Darren you mean my new Google Simplex Simulator Plus program wont work?”

I had to say that, because I love the crazy names of some of those programs. I am not saying it won’t work, only that you should have a foundation. The type of foundation that says, “this is what I love, these are my talents, and this is the group that is willing to pay for my solutions.” Then look back at that new or even older program or course you purchased and see how it can help you.

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