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8 Sure Fire Networking Strategies for Blogging Success

Blogging Networking

Blogging is not a standalone business. You always need people in the blogosphere to survive and succeed as a blogger. One of the pillars of blogging success is Networking. Sadly, not all bloggers pay enough attention to it, and even those who realize the importance of networking, they don’t care to do anything about it.

They miss the point, I tell you. Networking is not a joke when it comes to blogging. Many bloggers think that they may waste their time if they indulge in building relationships. Their concern is valid. However, networking doesn’t mean that you have to read 2971 updates in your Twitter dashboard. It doesn’t mean that you have to read 571 friends’ updates in your Facebook either. But don’t miss the point…

Networking is the golden treasury which ensures your blogging success.

Having said that, I wouldn’t encourage you to jump into all social media sites and start interacting with people. That would be lame. As with anything regarding blogging, you should have a plan to build this pillar of networking. I am not going to tell you about my plan because it is personal ;). The plan may vary depending upon who you are and what your blog is about.

One of the important aspects in your networking plan should be to identify with whom to network. You cannot just jump into the web and wave a big HI to everyone. You need to be specific. You don’t need everyone, but you do need those people who matter for your business.

I am going to tell you 8 types of tribes you need, and this will not vary depending upon your blog. Whatever your niche, you will always need these 8 types of people to succeed. So let’s dive in.


Yes, this one may seem obvious, but I have to mention them because they form one of the most important tribes which you earn without much effort. Friends in the blogosphere need not be new friends (of course, we make new friends everyday) but they can also be your buddies who have already been friends to you for many years.

These are the easy-to-approach ones, and they can do favors for you when requested. It is simply nice to have a group of casual folks. This can be a good moral support.


These are the people who exist in the blogosphere. They are good at promoting stuff. I mean, they don’t promote for money or anything. But they have a good base of friends, followers or connections. They find stuff on the internet and if they find it useful, they just share that stuff with their friends.

Socializers are great assets. If you manage to gain a handful of them as loyal readers of your blog, you can get a great amount of exposure.

Readers/Audience of your blog

Of course, readers give life to your blog, so you need them. Period. Develop successful relationships with your reader. Stay close to them but not too close. You can reply to all of their comments. You can notify them that you have replied to their comments by using the Comment Notification plugin. This will ensure them that you are open and interacting. They will come back.

You can send quick tips or strategies by email. You should send these mails in between your “regular” newsletters or updates. This will help you to stay close to them. But don’t send too many emails and annoy them.

Newbie Bloggers

Newbie bloggers are those who have just started out and they are the ones who need support. You may ask why you need them, but they are equally important to you as every established blogger.

It is somewhat easy to earn the friendship of newbie bloggers. Comment at least once in a fortnight on new blogs. Reply to emails by helping them with their questions as a newbie and you can have a handful of friends who are newbie bloggers.

You will still have their connection and mutual friendship once they become established bloggers, and you can surely have lots of favors returned.

Bloggers in your Niche

Don’t miss out other bloggers in your own niche. They are your competitors, that is true, but you need them. First of all, they are like-minded. You can recommend a resource to a group of people in your niche who are blogging just like you and who would be interested in trying that resource out.

With like-minded people, you can generate a lot of ideas. You can have common readership, that is, readers of their blog can be readers of your blog as well. You can cross promote the other’s stuff, endorse each other, and so on.


Seekers are people who seek your advice and help in some matter. They normally contact you through your contact form or even ask for help in the comments. Embrace them.

If you help them, there are great chances that they will spread the word. You will easily become renowned and so will be your service. For instance if you are good at providing advice on Blogging Tips, then doing so in the long run will establish a base for you to launch paid consultation or coaching services.


Critics can be popular bloggers who are easily accessible and who reply to emails and help you with your issues. Do develop a good relationship with such bloggers. They are good at criticizing you of any shortfalls or flaws in your blog or product. Do not be afraid and do not hesitate to reach out and contact popular bloggers.

Getting a popular blogger to reply to your email is not a hard ordeal. You can do this by consistently commenting on their blogs and, of course, by guest posting.


As I said earlier, you need people and not just pairs of eyeballs for your blogging success. Do develop healthy relationship in all possible ways.

However, be cautious at the same time not to indulge in too much networking and as a consequence, forget about blogging. Blogging is not socializing. Don’t get lost in social media and don’t get addicted to it either.

Be open and accessible, but keep everything in check. You too have 24 hrs a day just like any other person. So, you cannot be helping each and every person out there. Limit the amount of time you spend networking everyday.

Make sure you are producing enough content for your blog and are devoting the right amount of time and energy to developing your blog.

On to you…..

How good are you at networking? Do you have a strategy in building relationships? I’d love to hear from you.

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