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5 Reasons Why You Should Answer Your Readers’ Comments

Answer Your Readers

How is your feeling when your comments on other blogs have never been answered? Do you feel disappointed when you see other comments answered but not yours? That is a very popular question that can never be solved if bloggers do not understand the importance of answering all readers’ comments.

I have seen a lot of blogs with hundred of comments and most of them were responded even with a “Thank you” from either blog author or owner. However, there are many bloggers who rarely or even never respond to their readers’ comments. There are many reasons that they have never answered their readers’ comments. However, in terms of relationship, traffic and brand building strategy, answering your readers’ comments seems to be a MUST as below:

Respect your readers:

You should respect your readers’ feedbacks and comments even they are not relevant to your posts. Your readers come to your blog for many reasons; however, as an author of the post, you should pay attention to their ideas & concerns. This will show that you are passionate about what you share in your posts.

Naturally, most of us feel happy when our comments and feedbacks get responded by authors and we would then like to come back in the future. But, what happens if your comments remain unanswered all the time? Will you think the blog you leave comments on is an auto-blog?

Relationships building:

Interaction with your readers is among great methods to build up good relationships. Content is the king but it is a king without power. Relationships should be considered power of the king. How to do this? You can interact with your readers by answering their comments or debating with them on some controversial issues of the posts.

The best way to create a good debate is to give a question at the end of each post for your readers’ brainstorming. I have seen a lot of bloggers who have successfully done with this method. Why not you?

Boost your blog traffic:

If you respect your readers by answering all of their comments, they will trust you for sure. They will likely have some relationships with you sooner or later. That means they will come back or even linking to your posts and bring more traffic and backlinks to your blogs too.

Looking at Famous Bloggers blog, there have been a lot of blogs linking to its articles as reference and I am sure that it has received a lot of traffic too.

Increase trust with readers:

With that said, your readers will trust you and they will believe on what you share now and then. How great if your readers trust you? There are a lot of benefits that you will receive from this point.

I just want to give you an example: When Darren Rowse and John Chow introduce a product/service for their readers; there must have been a lot of fans who are willing to buy or sign up. You can see ProBlogger monthly revenue proportion to see how big his ebooks sale and affiliate commission is. That is because his readers trust him!

How he has created a great relationships and trust with his readers? The number of 150k feed readers say it all!

Make money:

As I said in the “trust” part, you will likely have opportunities to make some extra money from referring your readers to use services. However, if you want to convince your readers use your affiliate links to buy products of your recommendations, you should show them that you are a reliable blogger.

To be a reliable blogger, there are many things to do and answering your their comments can be one of them.

Your comments and feedbacks are highly appreciated!

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