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How Being Different Can Be a Real Game Changer!

Game Changer

I remember the line from somewhere – If you can’t prove yourself better, at least try to prove yourself different. Considering the stiff competition in the blogosphere (where you need to fight a battle with each blog post), bloggers need to provide readers with something different and refreshing.

If you can’t differentiate yourself from what other bloggers are doing, you can easily lose yourself in the huge crowd. To achieve online success, you need to struggle continuously. That’s why I say, serious blogging ain’t easy.

If you are ready to prove yourself different, given below are some of the most important blogging tips to stand yourself out from the crowd.

Choose a Unique Blog Design

Blog designs can never be ignored. Bloggers should always select a pre-designed theme or create customized design that appeals to their target audience. Find out who your target audience is and be ready to live up to their aspirations by providing them with a visually appealing design.

Share Your Personal Experiences

One of the key tips for being different is to relate your blog posts to your personal experiences. Many times, writing a blog posts can be similar to writing a product review. You can write a compelling review of a product only when you have used it yourself. Readers really like to know your own experience. By sharing your personal experiences in a blog post, you actually foster a personal connection with your readers (key to blogging success).

Adopt Ideas from a Variety of Resources

It is only through extensive research that you can arm yourself with plenty of good ideas and collect some food for thought. Extensive research is a golden tip to provide your readers with something different and fresh. Surely, writing an awesome post (which has the potential of going viral in minutes) takes time an effort.

Be Responsive to Commenters

How do you respond to the comments left on your blog. Once your post has generated a couple of comments, find opportunities to respond to readers in an effective way. Even while responding to comments, you can offer your readers with some additional tips and ideas. Every single comment on your blog post is precious, so don’t ignore it.

Have Your Own Style of Writing

You can never copy the writing styles of others. However, you can certainly learn a lesson from the way top bloggers write. In order to be different, you should always develop a unique voice for your blog. Think about the kind of tone and writing style that will suit your blog the most.

Narrow Your Focus

Don’t try to cover too many topics at a time. Focus on a single niche. And try to provide your readers expert opinions with a view to providing solutions to their basic problems. More importantly, focus on quality rather than quantity. Make an effort to get a ‘small group of dedicated readers’, if you want to succeed online.

What other ways would you suggest for being different? Please feel free to share your own experiences, viewpoints and thoughts in the comment section below.

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